imageYou got it wrong, Mr. Shakespeare:
Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? No! That’s why it’s called a rose. The scent belongs to that one flower and all the beauty contained within its petals. Of course, he was talking about people. I’m not here to debate the worth of people. I want to talk about products I find worthy of my money.

Everyone has a personal preference on what makes products worth buying- quality, price, trendiness, etc. For me, it’s the name. At least for cosmetics products. And I don’t mean brand names. While I have my favorites like Urban Decay and Too Faced, the actual product name is what will get my sale. Of course, it’s a really good day when I find a well-named lipstick or shadow where quality is not just a fringe benefit.

Today’s Review:
Urban Decay’s F-Bomb – a true blue-red lipstick guaranteed to conjure up confidence in even the meekest of girls. Who doesn’t love to unleash a good F-Bomb when they’re stressed, angry, or feeling dramatic?! With this lipstick you’ll look fierce, causing your audience to linger on each letter of that naughty word and any others you utter. No color makes your teeth shine brighter and whiter than a classic red lipstick. Why not add some audacity to it?
The pros of this lipstick include its long-wearability, opacity and vibrancy. I am constantly complimented on the pigment quality!
The cons of my beloved F-Bomb are mainly the chalky texture (it’s not labeled as a matte) and cleaning it off the edges of my mouth. Sometimes it’s easier to exaggerate my lips a little more than try to remove it from an unwanted location because it will go kicking and screaming (aka streaking) down your skin. It’s that pigmentation! The quality is so great that the excess sinks right into your skin, unbudging like a stubborn toddler. (It should also be listed as a pro too, because that stubbornness prevents much feathering and bleeding.)
Not only do I feel so confident when wearing this magnificent shade, I just love telling people it’s name! “What are you wearing,” they’ll ask. “It’s called F-Bomb!” I reply with great excitement. First, the eyebrows raise, then the polite smile pops into place making the lips part just wide enough for a high pitched “Oooh” to escape while they nod their head slowly. Or maybe, if I’m telling one of my girlfriends who have learned to expect this behavior from me, they’ll smile and laugh as they shake their head and say something like “of course it is.” They know the name’s the real reason I purchased it.
Clearly marketing teams do their research. They know what will draw a crowd. This is just the niche that I fall into. In all of my makeup collection, the pieces I prize most are named something naughty or cheeky or amusing.