Yesterday was very long and stressful for a multitude of reasons. I kept thinking of getting home, heading straight to the fridge for wine, beer, cake, ice cream, or all of it, really. But luckily I checked my mail first.
I received a few great things (including my monthly subscription from Scent Bird), but the biggest surprise was a tiny, black box from Ulta. I instantly started thinking over my internet shopping, but I couldn’t remember making an Ulta purchase since I usually prefer to go in person for cosmetic purchases. When I opened the box a postcard was laying on top of a full-sized Buxom lip polish! I looked back at the postcard which simply said, “Thanks for being a Platinum member,” and gave news that Buxom was coming to Ulta.

Not only was the lip polish full size, but it was named “Katie.”

That’s me!!! What incredible attention to detail to make their generous spenders feel special. I’ve never received a PR package before, but I so envy those who have. It was as exciting as I thought it would be, and I’m just so grateful.

The Platinum Perks program at Ulta is easily obtained and a fantastic way to feed your impulsive beauty indulgences. The only requirement is that you spend $450 in a calendar year. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but Ulta pretty much has everything a person could need in terms of personal care and beauty. I will make a special trip to Ulta to get a product I know they sell when I could just as easily pick it up at Target, a drug store or the grocery store. This is because their rewards are turned into an Ulta gift card (and because of the $3.50 off $10 coupon for non-prestige brands).

Once you become Platinum your points don’t expire and you earn 1.25 instead of 1 point for every dollar spent. When they have bonuses of 2x, 3x, or 5x the points, you rack up rewards even quicker! I’ve already managed to earn 1000 points this year (without spending $1000) which translates to a $50 gift card! Which I’ve already spent… Time to start shopping and building back those points!