Sheer Anarchy lives up to its name as its vibrancy emboldens any man, woman or child to find their rebellious side and bring it to life. Where that rebelliousness starts and stops is up to that individual- just keep it legal, generally speaking. 
I’m most inclined to wear this lipstick for a girl’s night out or to Sunday brunch. Basically, any time I want to go beyond expectations with a fun and flirty twist. While it’s a bright fushia pink, I feel it is totally wearable for most occasions!

Sheer Anarchy can convey SO many attitudes! Bright and cheerful. Fun and frisky. Fashionable and chic. Mysterious and seductive. You define it. Even though it is labeled a sheer, it does not lack in pigment. After all, it’s from Urban Decay! The quality is all there, and I’m so excited that they’ve kept this as part of the color collection as they move to the Vice launch. I’m curious to see if the consistency is upgraded at all, but the swatches I’ve seen hold true to the color. 

I just love this lipstick so much. It makes me think of a hot pink glowing under a black light. I feel alive when I wear it, almost as if it gives me energy to go and have a good time. It’s permission to let loose, defy the everyday routine, and just let your inner rebel shine. Or, if you’re like me and you aren’t so rebellious, at least you’ll feel a confidence boost in boldness!