Mean Girls is one of my favorite quotable movies. Tina Fey is just a genius, and why can’t she just be president?! “So Fetch” has to be one of the most recognizable catch phrases of the film, and it has become a commonplace interjection into every day conversation (at least with me and my friends). Especially if you’re wearing Tarte’s lip paint with this namesake!

Sorry, Regina, but Gretchen and Tarte totally made Fetch happen! If I have ever purchased a product for a namesake, this is it. I was so excited for its release! My girlfriends from work and I are constantly quoting this at each other, like responsible, young professionals do. So it only felt right to debut this personal triumph of a lipstick (excuse me, lip paint) purchase at a Sunday brunch celebrating the impending marriage of one of our very own “mean” girls.

Unfortunately, this is where my positive feelings of the Tarte lip paint ends. And Regina wins. Because this lip product stays put about as well as a juicy secret in Gretchen’s ear. By the end of brunch there wasn’t so much paint on my lips as there were smears around the outside of my mouth. I was devastated! This lip paint was supposed to bring major success to my lipstick game, and it just betrayed me like Cady betrayed Janice and Damian.

Determined to make this a successful makeup experience I went back to Ulta and bought the matching lip crayon (liner) in Amaze. Beauty gurus on YouTube suggestion the pairing of the items to help lessen the slideage. It did. Instead, the dryness of the lip crayon caused the lip paint to ball up and off of my lips. So frustrating! Also, just because it slides around with ease does not make it easily removable. This will stain your lips, skin, and pride as you scrub-a-dub-dub to remove it. Thank goodness for Lush’s Mint Julep sugar lip scrub!

The other con I have for this color in particular is that it is a shade of coral. Is this lipstick for Thursdays? Because on Wednesdays we wear pink. The hot pink shade in the collection is called Adorbs. While I’m much better suited for a coral tone than a hot pink, I’m a literalist who expects things to be transparent and exactly as they are meant to be. And clearly I can be hard to impress.

I’ve worn the lip combo on a number of occasions outside of the failed debut, but I have to say that I’m, most regrettably, just not impressed. The lip paint is described as a cream matte. The texture itself is quite nice, but as it doesn’t dry down, it requires the high maintenance of a Mean Girl. There are just not many times I’m willing to go through that much effort, and especially not if there will be food.