It was the summer of ’15 when Becca Cosmetics’ collab with YouTube queen Jaclyn Hill “Champagne Pop” highlighter took the beauty community captive. This was THE hot trend of the season, and its record sales amply proved it. Now, it’s the summer of ’16 and the duo is back with a whole Champagne Collection! It includes a face palette, eye palette, and several mediums for the collection’s namesake, Champagne Pop.

As a beauty fanatic I wanted to purchase them all! As a responsible adult on a budget… I started off the with the pièce de résistance- the face palette. 

Holy glow, Batman! Where do I begin?! This is, as Jaclyn herself describes, a healthy glow from within. It is summertime chic, classy goddess and hella amazing. 

Champagne Pop

The veteran shade of the collection is just stunning, peachy goodness that automatically turns up the wow factor, rain or shine. I was hesitant to buy this highlighter when it first launched- and I couldn’t for a couple months- because I’m super fair, and I wondered if this would be too much for my skintone. I was accustomed to Moonstone, which is a beautiful frosty highlight for more cool toned looks.

  What I found was that champagne pop gave me warmth and brought my skin to life, which is kind of needed to avoid glowing like Casper. 

The New Kids on the Block:

Prosecco Pop

Jaclyn describes Prosecco Pop as Champagne Pop’s little sister. Like most little sisters, she is trying to outshine big sis. This girl is an intense, pure gold highlight that is sending signals to everyone she meets. If the glow is too intense mix in  Champagne Pop to make a slightly tamer but gorgeous radiance. I also have pressed this on top of a matte liquid lipstick for an extra glow- a beautiful tip also from Jaclyn. ( mental note: rename this blog to “Jaclyn Say!”) 

Rosé Spritz

This is my absolute FAVORITE part of the palette. It’s such a happy shade that just sings Florida Summer Sunshine to me. I love living in Florida. I love the sunshine. I don’t so much love the summer heat, BUT this shade reminds me of all the wonderful qualities the summer brings. It’s also just gorgeous. Period. 


Amaretto brings the goddess glow. It’s bronzy and coppery; it’s shimmery; it’s a special hint of something. When blended in with your skin it gives off a warm and healthy sheen. While I won’t go so far as to say Amaretto looks completely natural, the illusion is presented that your skin’s natural radiance is at work. I love that the sheen is so fine, like rays of sunlight hitting the ocean waves. It’s just a magical glow. 


First off, I had to Google what pamplemousse meant! According to an article in Food &Wine it is a “bright and refreshing” cocktail with pamplemousse, or grapefruit, as the star ingredient. And suddenly this “bright and refreshing” blush made perfect sense. It may have the least glittery sparkle in the palette, but it stands on its own. A vibrant, coral shade, Pamplemousse is both blendable and buildable for your personal tastes.  

My Final Thoughts

This collection was built to dazzle and to glow. It certainly accomplishes its mission with a variety of looks to be created and recreated over again. Sephora has several amazing shade combo suggestions to take this brilliant palette to the next level! 

I love the amount of product packed into this palette. For the price tag of $52 I think they were more than generous with the pan sizes. They are not full, individual sized, but they aren’t far off either. The full sized Champagne Pop pressed is a $38 value and is .28 ounces. The individual pan sizes aren’t listed on the packaging, but the total face palette is .72 ounces. That’s over double the value without doubling the price. And you receive 5 products instead of one! 

The Champagne Pop collection is a Sephora exclusive! These products aren’t even sold on Becca’s website! They truly hit a home run with that negotiation. With Jaclyn’s 3 million YouTube subscribers and nearly as many on Instagram, they are going to have a time keeping up with the demand of these products, especially with them being limited edition. 

I sincerely look forward to seeing what else Jaclyn comes out with in the future. She is a pistol of personality and seems to be full of joy and love for life and others. That was definitely my main factor for purchasing Champagne Pop last year. I already had Moonstone and couldn’t imagine needing another highlighter, but I became addicted to Jaclyn’s smart tutorials and bubbly attitude on camera. I’m so thankful that I was able to get the face palette quickly because I know how real the struggle to obtain it can be. 
Check out Jaclyn’s own thoughts on this product by clicking here: Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Collection