I’m pretty sure, if given the opportunity,  I could happily work for Jerrod Blandino for the rest of my life. Not only does he make some killer makeup products, but he is so genuinely excited about everything. Have you seen his vlog series It’s Happening! ? I’m always happier after watching a new episode.

One of my favorite of Too Faced’s products is the Melted Lipsticks. My favorite shade was Melted Metallic Debutante. Such a fantastic color! However, this new Melted Matte formula came out, and I am just blown away. A++. Exceeds Expectations. And it better because it’s $21 per lippie. The formula glides on so smoothly and evenly, AND it does NOT dry out lips. I do not have any of the crumbly bits falling off here and there, which definitely occurs with other liquid lip products.

2016-06-09 22.00.39

Yes! I bought this shade because it’s called Lady Balls. She and F-Bomb from Urban Decay could be besties– well, probably frenemies since they’re competitors for sales– with their high saturation of pigment in a true red hue.

There are quite a few pros to Lady Balls.

  • The name. This is a gutsy, feisty, pop of vibrant, red goodness. She’s not messing around. She means business and demands respect. She knows what she wants, how far she’s willing to go to get it, and she’s ready to savor the victory of getting her way.
  • That pigment: This is a marvelous color. I just absolutely adore it. Simply outline your lips, swipe the middle of the top, the middle of the bottom, smack ’em together. Bam! Done.
  • The comfort level of the matte: I honestly do not feel that drying sensation of other liquid lips. I have not used a liner or chapstick underneath. It’s a great application, and the longevity of the pigment is outstanding.
The major con of this product is that it doesn’t dry down to a full matte. It really will last for ages!!- if you’re just going about your day. Eating and drinking are not the easiest of tasks. I have tried drinking straight out of a glass and with a straw and found residue each time. I ate a taco and left big red lines on the tortillas. A napkin dab will get a SWAK effect. And then I’m left fretting with whether or not it has smeared around my skin as well. All this to say, it’s not an eating lipstick!

So I shouldn’t wear this when I’m going to be eating- especially street vendor deliciousness. Yeah, that probably won’t stop me. It’ll be worth the application and reapplication just to absorb the energy and confidence of Lady Balls. Its name is cheeky, the presentation is spotless, and the product is stunning. It’s another winner for me!