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The gorgeous YouTube sensation Laura Lee got together with Violet Voss cosmetics to combine the colors of her imagination with the superior formula of this beautiful company. Twenty shades in total, 10 mattes and 10 shimmer shades will delight you with a creative range of looks. The texture of these shadows is so unique! They are almost gel like with pigmentation out of this world. One swipe will load your lids to max capacity. The matte shades are completely buildable so you can customize the transition and crease.

As a consumer who is most attracted to entertainingly named products, this palette has just hit it out of the park for me! Trendy, Southern, and some personal touches, there is a little bit of everything in the names of these shadows.

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Row One: Filled with the most natural shades of the palette, this is transition or “no makeup makeup” heaven. While each shade has a tiny hint of shimmer, it is not overwhelming or heavy.

Basic– This all over shade is great to help other shades blend smoothly

Sugah- Brow bone highlight? Um, yes! Light shimmer, bright goodness.

Priss Pot- Looking for a transition shade to blend out the darkness? Here you go!

Mama Bird- I love that Priss Pot, Mama Bird, and RagaMuffin are all in the same family, just lighter and deeper than their neighbors.

RagaMuffin- The deepest of the top row, Ragamuffin is a great way to darken the outer V of a more natural look.

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Row Two: Every shade in this row is high pigment shimmer! The texture is so soft and gel like, and a single swipe provides full coverage. The fallout is not heavy, and it is really easy to pack the shadow on the lid.

LarLee- This is arguably my favorite shadow in the palette. It acts as a duochrome with the champagne of the shadow and the pinky red glitter reflect.

Tickled Pink- While this shade stands on its own, it reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills Pink Chamagne. The major difference for me is that Tickled Pink does not need to be applied wet to get the full extent of its pigmentation.

Hissy Fit- I love this gold shadow! It’s deep and rich and so complimentary to the eye, no matter the skin tone.

Bitty- Copper shadows are some of my favorite to use to create some drama or to represent the fall season or hot summer nights. I have used this on my lower lashline to compliment the reflect in the shade Yoshi.

1988- A bit more fiery than Bitty, 1988 is a showstopper. It’s bright and fierce with an intense gold shimmer to bring spice and major sass.

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Row Three: The color combination of this row could be a palette on its own. The colors are so agreeable and complimentary to one another.

Fleeky– On trend and making noise, this bright yellow gold is commanding attention. And it’s stunning.

Britches- You can’t be Southern and not have a shade called britches. It can be described as a golden tone light brown.

Fried- I cannot imagine a better name for this shade! Whether it’s fried chicken, fried pickles, fried shrimp, or whatever Southern goodness is coming from the kitchen, it is this shade. Great for the crease, the outer corner, lower lashline- it really needs no specificity. It’s just a great shade.

Yoshi- Rivaling LarLee as my favorite shade, it is unpredictable as it changes colors in different lighting. In the pan it appears green, on the skin it looks silver and red and green and pink. There is no clear way to describe it, other than beautiful.

 Rammer Jammer- Similar to 1988 with Bitty mixed in, it’s another gorgeous winner.

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Row Four: This amalgamation of shadows adds some depth to the rest of the palette. The bright pop of emerald and the different tones of browns bring cohesion to the unit as a whole. 

Alabama – Roll Tide Roll. It’s a phrase uttered often in my house since my husband and his family are Alabama fans. The Crimson tide eye look is made complete with this reddish brown hue.

Wiskers- Looking for a warm tone medium brown? Check!

Bubs- Looking for a cool tone deep brown? Here it is!

SmashLee– Vibrant emerald with shimmers creates an impressive display of color. So far I’ve used Smashlee as the outer part of a halo eye with Yoshi pressed in the center. It’s so impressive that the fallout is so minimal.

Lou- It is rare for a palette not to include a black shadow. The quality is just as good as any of the other shadows in this palette, but there isn’t anything else that makes it an outstanding shadow.

The Final Report: This palette is as bubbly and full of personality as Laura Lee is in her tutorials. Her passion for quality and cohesion come to life with her work here. Violet Voss is committed to high quality, even with mass production.

The shadows are not patchy, and the fallout is not intense. If fallout does occur it does stay on the skin, so I recommend applying the shadow before any other face makeup for ease of clean up.

I have so enjoyed playing with these shadows and creating different looks. Thanks to YouTube and the supportive beauty community I have plenty of videos to be inspired by. It’s so cool that  so many YouTubers have been showing off this palette and cheering Laura Lee on. It’s a great testament to shooting for your dreams. The people backing you will just keep you soaring.