Meoooow! As a cat lover, having a lipstick that gives me and my cat something in common is just about as good as it gets! That’s right- my cat, Fiyero, and I both LOVE catnip! And while he’s all about the herb, I’m all about the liquid lip from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Herb vs Lip

Catnip and catnip have a lot in common. For starters, they’re both highly addictive and create a cult following. The effects last for an extended period of time and tend to vanish in small chunks. When it’s gone, the craving for more is insatiable!


  • With any ABH liquid lip, you’re investing in a high quality, high pigment, long-lasting product. 
  • This is quite budge proof once dried down. Using an oil based cleanser will help ease the removal process, otherwise you’re going to be scrub-a-dub-dubbing for a LONG time.
  •  The opacity of ABH liquid lips is unparalleled.
  •  It’s easy to apply an even amount of coverage without causing bunching of flaking.
  • Eating and drinking do not cause removal, unless there is a lot of grease. 


  • If you don’t hydrate your lips before applying an ABH liquid lip, it can be quite uncomfortable. If you want a budge proof product, you have to be willing to make a sacrifice of something. With this, it’s comfort. This is easily fixed by applying a thin layer of Chapstick a few minutes before adding the liquid lip. The Chapstick will also prevent the product from balling off. 
  • The longer and drier it becomes the more worn it can appear.
  • Once dried down, it’s pretty impossible to clean up any areas where excess occurred. 
  • Removal can irritate your lips if not using an oil based cleanser. 

The Name

My goal for my golden years is to be a cat lady. I just love all animals, but I am obsessed with cats. This was definitely another purchase based solely on the name, and it took me a while to hunt it down because it’s been pretty popular because of the pinky-purple-mauve that is Catnip. It’s a magnificent, eccentric neutral. If I go for a bold eye that overpowers a nude lip, Catnip steps up to the plate and pulls the whole look together. It’s also bold enough to be a statement on its own.

 Versatility is to be treasured when purchasing high end cosmetics. ABH liquid lips retail on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website for $20.00 a pop (It can also be purchased at all other ABH retailers.). This is about average price, and the quality is there. It’s that versatility- and that name- that makes this product special. I would comfortably where this casually or to a formal night. Catnip is made to be moldable and customizable to individual tastes.