Have you ever eaten Pop Rocks and gotten them on your lips? That’s the best comparison I can make to the sizzle that occurs when using Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss. It feels like soda fizzing over ice cubes, giving light zaps to your lips to help plump them up. And for the low price of $10 a gloss, you can enjoy the burn too!

The first time I applied this gloss I was a bit worried because it felt like I bit a Red Hot candy and rubbed the cinnamon filling on my lips as a gloss. Now, I’m addicted to the sensation. It’s the superfill and lipswell technology that Soap & Glory has created. It doesn’t take long for the results to be noticeable! Within 10 minutes of applying my lips became visibly fuller.

Another nice feature is that this smells like vanilla. Many other lip plumpers I’ve used have less of a fragrance but have a cooling peppermint tingle. I kind of like that this is warmer and spicier than it is minty.

My particular shade is Nudestar, a pinky-champagne shimmer nude. It’s not very pigmented on the lips, but it does provide a glossy metallic sheen which, in and of itself, creates a plumpness. 

I love Soap&Glory because they are smart and cheeky with their products. Other favorites of mine include “Clean on Me” body wash and “The Righteous Butter” body butter. They are tongue-in-cheek name heaven! Ulta has expanded its stock of their items to include their primers, foundations, highlights and bronzers, mascara, etc. I will definitely be trying more in the future!