Photo Jul 16, 1 39 29 PM

Have you ever worn a comfortable matte lipstick? I have! The fact that it smells like buttercream icing is a sweets-addict’s plus. I’m talking about Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipsticks- specifically their collab with MannyMUA. Three colors infused with antioxidants and Vitamin E make for three distinct and comfortable looks. 

The texture is so smooth but not slick like a cream finish. It is described as a moisturizing product, so it doesn’t quite pass the kiss test, but it is long-lasting. I wore Aries from the moment it arrived at 1pm until 10pm when I wiped mouth, forgetting it was still there. I never reapplied it, and even after removing a portion of it, the opacity was still quite impressive!


Photo Jul 16, 1 46 45 PM
Aries * Charmed * Hypno

Aries: This coral/nude makes this Aries very happy! It’s bright and peppy and great for summer. By far my favorite of the trio, it’s an awesome daytime staple. 

Photo Jul 16, 1 52 29 PM


Charmed: The mid-range shade of the trio is the perfect transition from day to evening. It’s cocktail hour at its finest, yet still appropriate for the office. 

Photo Jul 16, 1 59 09 PM


Hypno: This deep berry shade is going to be amazing for fall! My fairness causes this to be extremely vampy. Is it time for Pumpkin Spice to come back yet?!

Photo Jul 16, 2 12 42 PM

My first experience with Ofra Cosmetics has been extremely successful. From application to removal, these liquid lipsticks are fantastic! They retail for $19.90 a piece, or come in a bundle of 3 for $49.70. Using code MANNYMUA saved me 30%! Other YouTubers have collaborated with Ofra, and they have an amazing collection of products to peruse and purchase. 

MannyMUA is very special to me. He is the first male beauty guru I subscribed to on YouTube. It’s just uplifting to see someone’s journey to becoming their best self. I was drawn in by his balance of masculinity and femininity, and I stayed around because of his vulnerability of sharing his true identity. He is an inspiration to so many, and I love the positivity he promotes.

Buying collabs is my way of supporting my favorite beauty gurus. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge of quality products, and it’s made me try new brands.  It’s special to feel a sense of belonging to this community, to watch people grow in life and success. They certainly help me swallow my fears and go after my dreams. What could be more important in this one life we have than to live it the way we dreamed it?