On Tuesday afternoon I stopped by the mall before going to work, just to peruse around a bit.  I walked into JCPenney and, of course, found myself in Sephora. I’m always amazed how well things are displayed to make the store within a store stand out so well. As I was looking and admiring the displays a tiny wooden textured box caught my eye. A single Tart lip paint in the shade Texas Toast glowed like a beacon as it beckoned me to come forward. Since I missed a couple of opportunities to scoop up this unique shade, I lunged for it like a crazed Black Friday shopper. I’ve had plenty experience with the rush of Black Friday shopping, and I had to protect my loot. 

Even with the thrill of success in achieving this prize, I began to second guess whether or not Texas Toast was different than any other shade I already had at home. Did I really need another dupe for this shade or that? I wandered from Kat Von D to Buxom to Too Faced and began swatching the lipsticks I owned from these companies, comparing it to the lip paint safely encased in the box strongly clutched in my grasp. Nothing matched.

i got this mug from Etsy shop artRuss! My mom has the match. ❤️

Texas Toast is grey, taupe, lavender, mauve, pink, I don’t know! It’s honestly the most outstanding shade I have ever used. Love love love!!! Every time I see Bunny wear it or someone else posts a picture wearing it I can’t stop staring. 

With the convenience of online shopping, this could have been mine several times, but I’m weird and like to happen upon things. I’m very careful with what I use my money to buy, and even though I wanted this badly, I am so glad I waited to stumble upon it. My day was cheered, and  I have received several compliments when wearing it.

I’m wearing natural peaches and dogman in my crease and lower lashline, sassy bun all oved the lid and gator wings as my brow bone and inner corner highlight