Named after three hot spot destinations, Versailles, Santorini, and Monaco make up OFRA Cosmetics’ limited edition summer liquid lipsticks, and they are every bit as stunning as I imagined they would be. Earlier this month I had my first experience with OFRA by their collab with MannyMUA, and I was sold hook, line and sinker. So when I saw NikkieTutorials snapping about the new amazing metallic liquid lipsticks I counted down the hours until the sale went live. That’s right- I bought 6 lipsticks in the span of a week and feel absolutely NO shame! It’s hard to resist when you’re purchasing good quality products. 

Versailles, Santorini, Moracco


Versailles is the lightest of these vibrant shades. #nudemetalliconfleek !!! It is so luxurious and versatile. Perfect for a day time summer look or an evening out. I love that it is high shine and completely lacks the tackiness of glosses. Looks can be deceiving, and while this looks like it could blot off on your napkin, it stays around for the long haul.


Do you ever make playlists for applying your makeup? As soon as I picked up Santorini Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer” started playing in my mind. Super sexy, shiny, and locked into place, she shines like the waters off the Grecian coast. Santorini is among my top ten vacation wish list places, and this liquid lipstick is giving that dream life! 


This shade speaks to me above the others. Probably because it’s purple-ish, and I love purple!  It’s so complimentary to me and every person I’ve seen wearing it in pictures. Monaco is definitely the shad that encouraged me to buy the set. 

This bundle retails on Ofra’s website for $49.70. Compared to each individual lipstick retailing for $19.90, that’s a steal! I also used code NIKKIE to save 30%.