Behold: the Urban Decay Moondust palette. Eight glittering pigment shadows to create dreams that deny the limits of space and time. With names based off science/space, this palette is amazingly out of this world.

I feel confident in saying that Urban Decay is my favorite brand of cosmetics (for both their products and names). Rarely have they missed the mark on a product for me. While their Moondust shadows have been around for some time, this palette is by far the most economical and diverse way to try them. Set at $49 for eight shadows previously unreleased, this palette is a bargain. An individual pan costs $18. As far as I’m concerned, Urban Decay has proven their products are worth the money, so I’m willing to buy most anything they release. However, it’s nice to have a more affordable way of having more. 

A Moondust brush was also released with this launch at the price of $24. I haven’t yet purchased this tool, but Sephora’s website suggests using the brush wet to help gain full pigment from the shadow and prevent as much fallout as possible. The cool thing is that the brush handle is made from recycled aluminum and the bristles are synthesized from plastic! Environmentally friendly AND artist friendly! 

Using a wet brush is definitely an advantage, but I also don’t feel it’s a “do or die.” I created a brown smoky eye with lithium on my lid. I used a Sonia Kashuk 28 brush and patted the shadow on my eye until most of the product was set, and then began to sweep the brush in small sections of my lid to blend it out. Mykie (Glam and Gore) suggests tilting your head to the side to help encourage the fallout in a direction other than straight onto your under eye area. Jaclyn Hill adds more “baking” powder to her under eyes so she can sweep away the excess when she is done with application. 

This palette is easy to review as I’m just mesmerized by the quality. Just swatching these shadows is amazing. There are so many facets to them that it’s hard to tell if you’re picking up on reflects that exist or are a grand illusion. 

Photos hardly do the palette justice, but perhaps a closer look will help!


Specter: baby pink pigment with ethereal pink reflects

Specter is by far the lightest pigment in the palette, lending to its ghostly name. The haunted wisp of this palette has an ethereal beauty to suggest she’s a friend not a foe. 
Used in the inner corner she brings her spiritual glow to life on your skin. She also adds an extra element if layered on top of element. 
Element: hot pink/warm red pigment with fuschia reflects

Definitely in my element with this pressed on my lids! I feel like this shade represents the element of fire. It gives off a blazing quality, and makes me sing the Fireball song. I really want to buy the new metallic eyeliner in Fireball To pair with this. Definitely a summer look extraordinaire! 

Magnetic: electric purple with royal blue reflects

Attract positive energy with Magnetic pulling attention to your eyes. This shade is so cool with the blue reflects that bounce against the light. It is stunning over a black base, as a pop of color in a dark, smoky look. This definitely lends itself to the creative mind to figure out where to take it. 
Lightyear: kelly green pigment with silver and blue reflects

“To infinity and beyond!” Lightyear is way ahead of its time. Usually I notice a green pigment having a gold reflect, but this one has silver and some blue. It’s magnificent.

Granite: charcoal grey pigment with metallic silver reflects
The 90’s child in me relates this heavy metal shade to the classic, “Wayne’s World,” but the adult in me sees the sexy, sultry looks to showcase the amalgamation of earthly treasures that make granite beautiful. Fresh from the earth’s magma, this shade is hot!

Lithium: warm brown/bronze pigment with metallic gold and silver reflects

If ever a shade surprised and captivated me, lithium has done it. Staring at the pan could not predict the beauty that came with swatching this shade. The element itself is described as a silver-white metal, hence the reflects. Lithium also tarnishes in color once exposed to moist air. I like to think of this shade as the element corroding. UD has always lent intself to grunge beauty, and this shade is a beast. I was surprised and thrilled when I first applied this shadow. It was immediate inspiration on where my look was going. Therefore, it is my favorite of the palette.  

Vega: sapphire blue pigment with metallic blue reflects

What’s Vega? A quick internet search told me she is the brightest star of the constellation Lyra and the “fifth brightest in the night sky,” according to Wikkipedia. This Vega is certainly shining like a star. I also like to press this in the center of my lid on top of magnetic.  

Galaxy: charcoal grey pigment with teal, silver and red reflects

Galaxies hold together so much of our universe. It makes sense for this shadow to hold so many colors to reflect. It is gorgeous, complex, and yet simple. It is easy for the eye to understand, yet mysterious enough to spark the imagination. 

In this picture I have Lightyear pressed onto the lid and Galaxy swept on the lower lashline. I wore it for a pool party, and people said it felt like a representation of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It’s easy to transform ordinary ideas into otherworldly creations with the right tools. And even in the hot, South Florida sun, these pigments did not budge or melt away with the heat. I was outside for four hours straight, and the integrity of this brand was never compromised!

As usual, there is no one that describes my feelings more accurately than John Green. The constellations formed with these shadows are gorgeous wonders. 

I wonder how the shadows were decided. Did the team go to see the Northern Lights cast against the night sky? Did shooting stars leave a trail of color as they flew into the abyss? Send me on that assignment! When creations are formed from what nature has given, an organic bond is formed because it grants true inspiration and connection between us and the earth. Buy this palette. It will connect every other shadow you own into the look you never before could get quite right. Be inspired. Make art.