All nighters are not really my thing these days, but wearing a foundation that claims to last all night certainly is! While my late night studying (followed by the occasional party) has come to an end I still love my makeup, perhaps even more. With the stress of work and the joy of spending time with friends and family I need products that are going to last, faithfully. In rides Urban Decay on a white horse, or an All Nighter foundation in the shade 1.0. It’s matte. It’s full coverage. It’s waterproof. WATERPROOF! I wore this to a pool party where I was outside in the Florida sun for four hours, and though I needed to change my clothes for dinner, my makeup was solidly in place.

The foundation also has mattifying properties which are extremely helpful. My nose is a problem area for extreme oiliness, and I still need to blot to keep the sweat and oil away, but what impresses me is the fact that the product does not break down. It’s flat hot outside in Florida, pretty much year round. I’m going to sweat and get oily and refuse to put on closed toe shoes as often as I can. Having a waterproof foundation combats so many of my everyday issues.

I find this is best applied with a brush to obtain the most even coverage. One pump is more than adequate to cover your entire face. It’s not really buildable, but you don’t need it to be so don’t abuse this precious gem with overuse! Complete with a powder finish, this foundation sinks well into the skin without looking heavy or caked on. As with most foundations, using a setting powder increases staying power, especially for trouble areas.

The bridge of my nose resists being covered like my cat resists a bath. Persistence is key. Using a beauty blender I can dab All Nighter onto the trouble spots and instantly receive the coverage I want, and with a little bit of setting powder I get the the longest wear time possible.

I’ve worn this foundation consistently for nearly two weeks, and I can’t imagine using any other! I’ve used and owned many well made foundations in the past, but I feel like this is going to be my new ride or die. It has yet to fail or disappoint me. The shade is well fitted for my skin tone, it keeps me matte, and it lasts, well, all night.