In May 2015 NikkieTutorials launched a video on YouTube that went viral in a massive way. Titled “The Power of Makeup,” this video empowered makeup lovers everywhere to be bold or natural or both. With half of her face raw and exposed and the other beat to the high heavens Nikkie showed that she was confident enough to love her own skin and be a master of makeup artistry. This video has been viewed 32 million times.

The positive response received by the collective masses was a launch pad for the collaboration of Nikkie and the brand Too Faced. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I imagine Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino to be one of the coolest people I could ever dream to work for. His company is built on beauty, love, respect, and confidence. No wonder these two friends fell into an easy partnership. The end result was a palette containing 9 shadows (standard for Too Faced palettes), 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. Additionally, the collection comes with a Shadow Insurance lid primer, a full sized sketch marker liner in You’re So Too Faced, a loose glitter called Glitterally, and the best seller mascara, Better Than Sex, in Nikkie’s favorite color, purple. 

The Palette

Row One- Ivy, Sugar Coated, Frosted Yum

Ivy is a great shade to set primer or to highlight the inner lid or the browbone. Named after Nikkie’s adorable pup, this winter white matte shade is very pigmented and blends right into the skin. 

Sugar Coated is as sweet as the name implies. It’s a pale shimmer shade that works well dry or wet and gives the lid an enchanting glow. 

Frosted Yum is a silver metallic, one of Nikkie’s favorite kinds of shadows. It’s great to add brightness and glam to any look.

Row Two- Irresistible, Pain Killer, Makeup & Chill

This row seems to be pulled straight from the Power of Makeup video. In it Nikkie uses brown matte shadows to create and darken her crease and a gold metallic shadow to accentuate her lid. 

Irresistible is a bright, metallic, yellow gold with extremely refined glitter. It flows easily across the lid leaving an even layer of pigment. 

Pain Killer is a wonderful crease transition shade that blends seamlessly. It’s easy to add color on top of it to keep away harsh lines. 

Makeup & Chill will darken a crease or outer corner and add a bit of warmth to the look. It swatches a little patchy but blends well on the lid. 

Row Three- Mystic Hour, Wham Bam, Wanted

Mystic Hour is my FAVORITE shade of the collection. This bright teal blue is so complimentary to my green eyes. Buttery and smooth, you can really pack this color on!

Wham Bam looks like a majestic purple lit under a black light. It’s so vibrant and reminds me very much of the 80’s. Perhaps Wham! had some influence here! To add depth, mix with Wanted.

Wanted is a pitch black black. So many companies seem to be trying to out-do one another’s black shadows, and this is a strong contender. Smooth enough to blend out and pigmented enough to smoke out a lashline, it’s a staple shadow to keep on hand.

Row 4/5- Blush: I Will Always Love You & Justify My Love, Bronzer:Chocolate Soleil Highlighter: Champagne Truffle

I Will Always Love You is one of the most iconic love ballads of all time, and now it’s also a peachy coral flush of color to the cheeks. It’s buildable, so use a light hand to begin application. 

Justify My Love another pop hit doubles as a hot pink pop of color to brighten your face in a delightful way. 

In one of Nikkie’s tutorials with her palette she talks about how she likes to mix the two to achieve the best blush ever. Together they create this:

Chocolate Soleil has been a huge hit for Too Faced for quite some time. Not too warm or cool, it compliments a range of skin tones. 

Champagne Truffle originally was an eye shadow that Nikkie would use as a highlighter. When creating the palette, she insisted it be added in as a highlighter!

The Extras

Shadow Insurance is an excellent primer to keep shadows locked in place for extended wear. The Sketch Marker liner in You’re So Too Faced is an excellent felt tip liner. I love that it is stiff enough to drag along the lashline. Better Than Sex mascara has been my favorite for a long time. I like that lashes get chunky and long when using it. The purple tint is close to the shade Wham Bam

The loose glitter, Glitterally, is a multi-color reflect silver glitter. It sticks well to the lid and lasts a long time! The name came from a very cute story of how Nikkie used to say Glitterally instead of glittery. I love that it’s a perfect expression of how literally glam this glitter is!

The last thing included in this goody bag is a flip book including a few different shadow looks that Nikkie walks you through. She is one of the most creative YouTube beauty gurus I have seen. I love her personality and master artistry. No wonder she has over 5 million subscribers!


All in all this collection is worth the $59 price tag. So much is included, and a wide range of looks are made possible. I love the fun pops of color that will make anyone stand out. The shadows are blendable and smooth and have great wear time. I like how customizable the blush can be and that the pigment is buildable. Chocolate Soleil is a great bronzer to bring warmth to the face. Champagne Truffle is a very faint highlight, and, frankly, kind of disappointing. Nikkie is a queen of highlighting, and I really expected to be wowed by it. It’s a nice glow, but it does not compete with any of the Becca highlighters or Anastasia Glow Kits. However, it can be built up, much like their other products. As a brow bone or inner corner highlight it does a fantastic job. 

Nikkie is such an inspiration and a source of light for many. She spreads joy of makeup and acceptance for individuality to her community. She has already accomplished so much at 22 years old. I look forward to what else she will add to the beauty community!