Like many others, I am obsessed with finding the best skincare for my skin needs. I want high quality ingredients with a price tag that is as low as possible. Facial products are things I’m willing to spend a little more on because I want my skin to be as flawless as I can help it be.

My current day time routine is essentially all Lush products. I use Ultrabland face wash, Tea Tree Water toner, Magical Moringa moisturizer ( and let me tell you, it’s magical), and Enchanted Eye Cream.

Ultrabland ($17.95- $29.95) is the weirdest cleanser I have ever used! You put it on your dry face with dry hands, and it feels like a really thick moisturizer due to the beeswax base. I most enjoy to wash it away with a wash cloth to help remove the excess, but it works just fine if you like to wash your face in the shower too. Patting your skin dry will remove any of the extra oils left behind. I say that this is weird to use because I have fairly oily skin, and I don’t like to accentuate that in any way, and this doesn’t! My skin appreciates not being stripped to the bone and somehow does not produce any extra oil slicks. The website states this is also a makeup remover, and the oils break down the remains of your makeup, whether it’s natural or cakeup, gently and effectively. 

The Tea Tree Water ($10.95- $22.95) has a refreshing aroma that helps me feel cleansed and matte. I use this both in my morning routine and when I need a refresh during the day. I’ll use a light mist overtop my makeup if I’m extra sweaty or if I don’t have time to touch up between work and going out. The tea tree oil extract soaks up the excess face grime like a champ. 

Magical Moringa ($24.95) is perhaps my favorite cosmetic or skin care purchase of 2016. Yes, it is THAT good. With cornflour as a key ingredient, your skin is prepped and primed for a smooth, matte application of makeup. I am so in love! I don’t even need a primer to make sure that my oil condition is kept in check. Very little is needed, but apply quickly. This will dry down upon application.

The only downside to this magical moisturizer is that if you wipe your face and then touch your clothes, a white cast is left, probably from the cornflour. I am also sure to wash my hands well after applying to minimize the chance of getting it on my clothes. It doesn’t stain permanently, just a tad inconvenient if you wear black as much as I do.

The biggest bummer ever is that this product will melt like a motherfluffer if it gets above room temperature. I took it on vacation with me, and the four hour car ride where it was safely tucked away in my suitcase in the trunk of my car was enough to liquefy my hopes and dreams of well hydrated but matte skin. I stuck it in the fridge to harden it again, but the consistency was not correct. It was oily and sloppy and not cute. I went back to my Lush store, and because they themselves are the awesomeness behind their products they allowed me to exchange for a new one! I was so thankful not to have wasted money on a mistake.

Enchanting Eye Cream ($27.95) lives up to its name. Made with a wonderful mixture of lavender, honey, cold pressed almonds, and jojoba oil, this little treat depuffs, minimizes fine lines, and moisturizes without adding a heaviness to the fragile skin. I love that it is in pump form, and that you can avoid wasting product. Most eye creams need to be used sparingly, but few are packaged in a way that you can control the exact amount you use while keeping the product sterile.

These products have really been a blessing to my skin this past month. I haven’t had any kind of breakouts or reactions that can sometimes happen when changing brands or products. I appreciate that this is an all natural, cruelty free brand that believes in its products while spreading an altruistic message of charity. I have yet to be disappointed in a product I selected to buy from Lush, probably because the store associates are always patient and kind as they help you find good fits for purchase.