“I’m on fiiiiiiiire”

Queue that music because Urban Decay has released an eyeliner called Fireball that isn’t going to make the Heavenly Host burst into angelic chants, but its just feisty enough for Pitbull to get the party started. Trust me, when you sweep this on your lashline you are going to be looking for a club, or at least a Zumba class, to celebrate, hoot and holler!

“The Glow From Within” is a term one hears in the beauty community often, and it’s usually reserved for highlighter/bronzer combos. For me, my perfect glow is an eyelook that makes my eyelids look like they are on fire in the best possible way. I love sunset looks, the way a gentle shimmer keeps summer lingering just a little longer, the way so many colors blend together without competing.

This eyeliner is the perfect touch of pink, orange, gold shimmer that encapsulates the last glowing rays of sunshine on the final day of summer. It is both bold and evocative while telling the story of the eyes it adorns, creating intrigue in others and confidence in oneself. While it is bright, it is full of mystery as it is multi-seasonally appropriate. Fun and airy in the summer, bold and deep for fall, longing for warmth in winter, and alive with new beginnings for spring.

To apply, shake vigorously to stir up the contents. Glide along the lashline in whichever fashion you are comfortable. I find it easy to sweep from inner to outer corner in one smooth stroke, but feel free to take it in chunks for precision or comfort. I find it best to let the first layer dry before adding additional product either to cover a hole or widen the line. Fireball is extremely pigmented, but it will lose some of its coverage if you adjust too much while it is wet. That said, when it dries down, it intends to stick with you as your wingman of the evening. The brush tip is extremely fine, which makes application a fairly simple process. Creating a wing goes smoothly as the slightest amount of pressure forms a tiny flick to a full on albatross. #youdoyou

I have watery eyes, and this does present a bit of a problem overtime when wearing this liner. If I have to blot the corners of my eyes too often the product will begin to break up. Because it is dried firmly to your skin it dissolves very patchy and unevenly. This works to somewhat of an advantage as it’s not very detectable from a distance or probably anyone other than you if you have an overly critical eye on yourself. <insert girl raising hand emoji> When the night is over, the liner is removed with ease with use of makeup remover. Seriously, it’s amazing that something can cling so tightly to flesh yet be removed as faintly as the memory of a whisper of wind whistling through the trees.

The price is higher than I would prefer as this is not a color I will reach for daily, even if I do think of it that often. For $22 you receive .07 ounces of product. Compared to other brands and liners, it is well within an acceptable price range. I personally would have prepared a $15 price point, but as I’ve said in other reviews of Urban Decay products, I will buy whatever they put out at their chosen price because I know I won’t be disappointed.

The packaging is pristine. The color of the liner is bright and bold on the casing, true to whichever of the 20 pigments waiting to be unleashed. I fully intend to add more to my collection including, but not limited to, Intergalactic (Beastie Boys!) and Retrograde (et tu, Mercury?). Here’s hoping for plenty of Ulta and Sephora gift cards this upcoming holiday season!