Buildable. Blendable. Urban Decay. I think they’ve earned a catchphrase comparable to Cover Girl, especially since I buy one and not much of the other. Recently, during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, I picked up three Afterglow 8 Hour Blushes for 50% off the original price of $26.00. Yep! I got each of these blushes for $13.00 which is pretty close to drugstore finds. And since I am a Platinum Perks member the purchase earned me 49 points which gets me closer to buying more products on Ulta’s dime!

SN: Ulta’s reward program is so much better, to me, than Sephora’s. While I have chosen several 500 point rewards from Sephora that I have LOVED, on the whole I am more excited about earning money to spend on products of my choice instead of select deluxe samples.

Afterglow suggests a lasting pleasure or the last rays of light that linger after the sun sets. ( With the subtle wash of color to the intense flush one can create, it’s certainly more than “maybe it’s Maybelline.” The spectrum of color choices is 16 deep and varies from neutrals and naturals to edgy and vibrant. Each product is .23 ounces of densely packed pigmentation. The texture is chalky to the touch, but once it is applied blends seamlessly with the skin. Several have glitter reflects and the others are completely matte in finish.

Score: This is a totally daytime appropriate flush of color that is 100% buildable. I find it most relatable to Nar’s Orgasm or the Becca & Jaclyn Hill collab of Pamplemousse, but it stands on its own as it not a dupe for these other popular shades. Whether you’re hoping to score for your personal or professional life, this blush will definitely boost your confidence and morale. I may not have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, but this product helps me create my own magic.

score is described on as a “medium pink peach with a touch of shimmer.”

Fetish:  I find this to be comparable to a lighter version of Rapture. Apply with a very light hand to control the amount of color being added to the skin because this pigment is strong. Like with any new fetish, explore slowly and build to maximum enjoyment. You’re sure to come back for more.

fetish is described on as a “medium pink nude.”

Rapture: is the perfect shade to add some depth to your cheeks, especially in the fall/winter months. The hue is more in the purple fam to me, and since my skintone is deeply suited to purples, this is my favorite of my purchase.I have the matching lipstick from their Sheer collection, and I would probably buy any eyeshadow or liner that came out as well, even if I could just repurpose the blush. With the first day of fall being just days ago, I see myself using this blush nonstop. Prepare to be enraptured in euphoria when adorning your face with this shimmery treat.

rapture is described on as a “deep mauve with a hint of shimmer.”

It’s probably not a shock for me to give such a positive review of an Urban Decay product. I haven’t been quiet about how they are my favorite brand of cosmetics products, but that doesn’t make these blushes any less spectacular. They hold up to their 8 hour wear claim, blend beautifully into the skin, and the shade range is open to many desires. Plus, the names are cheeky!

My one complaint with these blushes is the price point. They are not priced outside of the market range, but I find it hard to pay $26.00 for a blush, especially when you are able to buy product from Milani at CVS or Walgreens for $6-$9 and receive nearly as good quality. While the sale price of $13.00 is probably not reasonable with the packaging and product quality being what they are, perhaps $16.00 or $18.00 would attract more buyers. These blushes are worth the splurge, in my opinion, but they’re also great asks for gifts from family/friends as the holiday season approaches!