Have you ever had a job  where you felt you always had to be “on”? Chances are you have. Customer services reps, teachers, lifeguards — at least you HOPE!– just name a few. You have to have your game face on and a break from it could mean trouble.

Smashbox released a line of a liquid lipsticks called “Always On.” This could mean a myriad of things- from the obvious and most transparent interpretation that it will always stay on your lips to the more metaphorical interpretation that their lipstick is going to make sure you look like you’re “always on” in how you present yourself.

It’s fall. That means my favorite hue of burnt red orange is abundantly available to be worn for the next few months. And I plan to wear it as often as I will be drinking and eating pumpkin flavored everything! Thanks to Instagram I caught sight of @vladamua wearing the color “Out Loud” and promptly drove to Sephora to add my newest fall staple to my collection. 

Check out VladaMUA’s YouTube or Instagram to see how she created this  and other amazing and fun lips!

Living out loud is a concept that we have heard much through out social media. We’re told to “think out loud,” “dream out loud,” “shout out loud.” Out Loud is a visceral interpretation of making sure you’re heard and seen. With the perfect blend of warmth and depth expect to be asked what it is you’re wearing. Point your kindred spirit sister to the nearest display and know you’ve done your good deed for the day. It is a magnificent moment to find something that speaks deeply to you, that you didn’t know you were missing. Out Loud just does that for me!

SN: I also felt this way when I first smelled Ralph Lauren’s Blue. A cashier at Buckle wore it, and it was the best smell ever. I left, walked to Dillard’s (my town didn’t have Ulta or Sephora at the time) and handed them all the monies. To this day this perfume holds a special place in my heart. My mom usually buys me the 4.7 oz bottle for Christmas, and I douse myself in it periodically throughout the year.

The formula for this liquid matte lipstick is exceptionally comfortable. It will dry down to a complete matte within seconds, yet it does not leave lips feeling suffocated and wilting. There is a sticky type texture that allows for every day mouth movements without feathering or cracking. Smashbox boasts an eight hour wear time, and they have certainly exceeded that expectation. While it is not budgeproof from all eating or drinking, this lipstick has no intentions of deserting its wearer. I find no need for a lip liner as its solid pigmentation covers without streaking in one swipe with the flat side of the applicator. The precision tip of the applicator makes it obnoxiously easy to create a perfect frame whether you like to stay inside the lines or overdraw a little.

This is the most money I have ever spent on a lipstick. $24 for .13 ounces is certainly “up there” in price. I can purchase a Too Faced Melted Matte for $21 and get .4 ounces of product or $20 for .2 ounces of Tarte’s Lippie Paint. Owning these other products I know that I have to wear a lip liner with the Lippie Paint and the Melted Mattes don’t dry down as well as Smashbox. And $4 is not much to quibble over when you’re getting a quality product. It’s just my general, grumpy wish that good makeup was overall more affordable. Had I purchased this for $17, like the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, I would have been ranting and raving 10 times harder because that would feel like such a bargain. This feels like I got exactly what I paid for and meets my expectations. I have no complaints about the product or its wear. A lower price would just have been the cherry on top of this otherwise immaculate cake.

I love the packaging of this lipstick. It’s compact and sleek yet highly functional. The hard case makes it safe for traveling, and the applicator screws tightly shut as it clicks into place. For someone with trust issues in whether or not a product is fully sealed, that click is ultra important! The casing is clear so that you are able to see exactly what color you are using, and the name is printed on the label on the underside of the tube. The box is also very informative as it gives the name and a swatch of what awaits inside.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I could not find another color (within a physical store) that was as perfect as this one. It is the perfect compliment to any eye look using the Morphe 35O palette, the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, Makeup Geek’s Autumn Glow bundle, and just helps intensify the crispness in the air. Out Loud truly embodies the spirit of fall, and it drives me to creatively capture the boldness of the season.