Straight from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory comes a concoction of shimmer and glitter liquefied from our very own moon’s dust, or at least Urban Decay’s moondust. Acting as part glitter base, cream shadow and loose pigment the new Liquid Moondust from Urban Decay is defying gravity as it locks into place with zero fall out. The beauty world has been obsessed with the Moondust shadows for ages, and now Urban Decay has taken one small step that is a giant discovery for makeup lovers worldwide.

A typical moondust shadow has the capacity to be worn alone or as a shadow topper because of it’s buildability (spell check says that’s not a real word, but we can agree to disagree, right?). The liquid version holds similar possibilities without risk of fallout. They are different from the glitter liners because there is pigment amid the sparkle.

I chose Chem Trail because it seemed the most versatile. The liquid pigment is a light, creamy beige or a champagne toned white with multicolored glitters. I love the dimension this gives because the glitter shifts from  icy blue to lavender and even an icy pink.

The brush is nice and makes application smooth. It grabs hold of the many facets of the shadow to give the variety of color packed into the bottle. While it is liquid the formula is not at all runny. It’s thicker than a liquid liner but it is easy to apply relatively thin layers. 

Here’s the most shocking admission I have made on my blog so far- I am not overly impressed with this product. Yep, read it again if you need to, but I have found an Urban Decay product that does not get an A+ from me. It’s a cool product, and it certainly has its merits. Worn in the inner corner or topped on another shadow or pressed in the center of the lid are all credible ways to make this a fantastic addition to your shining products collection. 

My biggest disappointment is that the pigment is not blendable enough to be worn alone. You will not get a solid, even wash of color very easily and adding more can cause a clumpy appearance.

Reviews for this product seem hit or miss, and many say it depends on what shade you select. With all makeup, personal preference is the ultimate judge on what does and does not work for you. I’ve owned Chem Trail for a month, and have not had a 100% satisfactory look created with it. I’d rather reach for my Lorac 3D Liqid Lustre (I could write a whole post on how sad I am that Lorac discontinued production of it!). Perhaps I would have better luck trying another shade, but for $22 a tube I’d much sooner give this product a pass. 

Have you tried this out? Let me know if you’ve had the same experience or have tips and tricks to make this a top shelf product!