Whether you are dancing naked under the full moon with the Practical Magic’s Owens women or listening to Pink Floyd’s the Dark Side of the Moon its various gleams and glistenings have been encapsulated in Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Moon Child Glow Kit, a collection of pressed powder highlights. Opening Instagram will lead you to a plethora of different looks, both light and dark, of beautiful imagery. 

Straight from the mailbox!

Behold the mysteries of the universe! Blue, purple, silver, pink, green and gold, all the reflections of light come together to make a celestial radiance beyond comparison. From a swish with a fairy wand to a dousing in pixie dust these highlighters are buildable, mixable and blendable. 

The reflective quality is not justified in the pan.

As far as I can tell this specific glow kit is only sold directly from Anastasia’s website. While most glow kits consist of four large pans, Moon Child has six colorful shades of slightly smaller pans. While several shades are complimentary, no two are alike. As with all Glow Kits the price is $40.00. Comparable with other highlighters, this is extremely reasonable. The now iconic Champagne Pop from Becca Cosmetics in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill is $38.00 for one product.

The packaging is quite beautiful and reflects the colors within the palette. There is not a mirror included, but if you’re a palette junkie, or even a general makeup junkie, you already have a mirror to work with.

Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horsehoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon

The swatches above showcase the palette in natural light. Florida sunshine FTW! I packed on the pigment to give a good look at how much this could be built up. They go on much lighter, if preferred. Thankfully it’s 2016 and the makeup laws are dared to be broken. Want a silver stripe on your cheek, be a Nike spokesperson and just do it. The product itself is a little powdery, but since the intended use is to sprinkle on the high points of the face the issue of fall out is nonexistent. In addition to glowing for the gods on your face, these are great for a browbone and/or inner corner highlight for a little something extra.

Blue Ice– An amazing, cool tone highlight with a baby blue and silver reflect. I long for the winter months wear this more frequently!

Star- A stunning combination of silver powder and silver reflects. Exceptionally beautiful when topped with Lucky Clover.

Purple Horseshoe– A soft lavender with a gentle blue and silver reflect. Definitely the deepest in pigment of the palette and also the chalkiest. This does not effect blending, just an observation.

Pink Heart– A heart’s on fire pale pink with a magnificent glow with matching glitter reflect. My absolute favorite of the palette! It’s also the warmest of the bunch and most versatile for the different seasons. And if you’ve read my other posts you know how much I love a fiery pink glow.

Lucky Clover– A pale grass green with golden reflect. Lovely on its own or mixed with Star for additional dimension.

Blue Moon– A silvery, purple-blue with a hot pink reflect. Another mixable shade that can be added to soften Purple Horseshoe. Worn alone it brings a wash of light to the skin.

This palette is such a winner. Ringing in at just under $7.00 per shade this palette is a worthy investment. While there is some inconsistency in the texture of the shades the wear time and buildable pigmentation is top notch. I have yet to read a negative opinion of this palette. If I had to find any complaint with it I would hope for a little more warmth beyond Pink Heart and Lucky Clover, but I think that would detract from the flow of the palette. The creators carefully planned how to align these celestial manifestations, and it is out of this world!