You’ve most likely heard of the brand Morphe if you have watched any YouTube beauty influencer in the past couple of years. Their most notable product seems to be the 35O palette as it sells out constantly! They make incredible shadows and brushes that are cost effecient without sacrificing quality.

Morphe launched a brush subscription service that costs consumers $19.95 monthly with the touted promise that each month will contain at least $30 worth of brushes. Unlike standard services with a flat fee, Morphe has a few options for the beauty obsessed. If you want more brushes, subscribe semi-annually or annually for bonuses.


LGM2 $17.99 * LGM3  $8.99 * LGM1 $11.99 * Total: $38.97

I watched Joyce Golden’s review of the September brush set where she unwrapped brushes from the newest collection, the Rose Gold brushes. Rose gold is one trend I can fully fund as I find the slightly pinky/hint of copper that the metal embraces entrancing. Learning Morphe doesn’t fill their subscription service with the cast off brushes made me want to jump on board and give it a shot! Since I went through her link I received an extra brush for free! I had three options to choose from, and I selected another eyeshadow brush with duo fiber bristles.

I was too late to receive the September goodies, but October did not disappoint. With a special release for #MorpheMe subscribers, these brushes support Breast Cancer Research. Not only did I receive three brushes that were missing from my collection, but I got to do some good by inadvertently donating to helping those fighting breast cancer.

LGM1- Contouring has been quite the craze in 2015 and 2016. It’s a trend that I have not personally developed much of an interest in, but I deeply admire those who completely transform faces and create illusions with a skilled hand. The LGM1 is great for contouring with its firmly packed synthetic bristles. Soft to the touch, the bristles glide across the skin efficiently to blend out a cream or powder contour. I also find this works well to pack on powder to bake under a messy contour and create cleaner, sharper lines.

LGM2– While this brush looks soft and fluffy it is amazingly dense. Good for packing and blending, these bristles come prepared to work. It is too stiff to use to wipe away excess powder, but placing it is a breeze with this new friend of mine!

LGM3- You can never have too many crease brushes! Especially if you are lazy, like me, and don’t wash your brushes as often as you should. No judgement! Synthetic like the the rest of the October collection, this crease brush swishes and flicks transition and crease shades to blended perfection. I have other Morphe crease brushes, but I’m really digging how easily this one manipulates shadows.

What I like most about this subscription service is that I feel guaranteed to like the product because I have a good idea of what I’ll be purchasing. With Birchbox and Ipsy I have felt very hit or miss about the deluxe samples. Perhaps I’m not adventurous enough to appreciate the range of products sent, but I haven’t missed receiving those subscriptions. I do miss the actual boxes and bags. They’re great for organizing trinkets or gifting!

I know I would not have purchased these brushes outside of this subscription. I have more than enough brushes to get the job done, so having new types come to me has challenged me to try some of the techniques I thought were too challenging or too daunting. It doesn’t hurt to learn tricks of the trade if you happen to employ the tools needed to be successful! I’m very excited to see what November brings and what new opportunities it will cause me to take!

PS- If you want an extra free brush when you sign up for this service use my link! It benefits us both. When you sign up you’ll receive your own special link to share with your friends as well. Earn points to get more free brushes over time!