Tati Westbrook, affectionately named as the Glam Life Guru, has endorsed the Skyn Iceland brand, specifically the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, several times on her YouTube channel, and I am here to say that she is 100% accurate with this recommendation. I bought a four pack of the eye gels for $15.00 from Ulta. I really tried to space out when I used them because I wanted them to last as long as possible, but I don’t think I made it beyond a month! The cooling sensation is a treat in and of itself, and the fact that I depuff and feel rejuvenated after use is just unreal!

I am a bridesmaid for a friend that I have known since preschool, and there are a lot of events to attend to celebrate her nuptials.

Me and the lovely bride at her beautiful wedding shower.


Since she lives in our hometown I have to travel a bit to be a part of the occasions, and this takes a toll on my skin. Knowing I love the eye gels, I decided to purchase the Facelift in a Bag while on a weekly browse at Ulta. For $19.50 you receive two facelift kits. Each kit is comprised of eye gels, forehead patches, and smile line patches.

Photo taken from Ulta’s website because I’m too impatient to take a photo before ripping into the packaging.

These patches are absolutely refreshing! I wish I could afford to use them every day, and I’m sure my skin would appreciate it too! I find the eye gel patches the most effective, but that is where I definitely need the most attention. This is an area many experience creasing of foundation/concealer/shadows, and the restorative powers of the patches help create a perfected canvas for smooth application. Wearing them on the sensitive under eye skin is gentle both in placement and removal. The only sad thing about removal is the disappearance of the cooling sensation.

I have a few fine lines in my forehead- I blame it on my bad vision making me raise my eyebrows to pretend I get better focus. I find my skin is pretty firm, so these lines are not terribly deep. The patches do not erase the lines altogether, but they minimize their presence.

My smile lines are not a big deal to me. In my opinion, I don’t have enough! These are lines that show my joy and thrill for life, so I am not ashamed of them on the daily. For special occasions I do like to have the smoothest face possible, especially if it’s a wedding where I will be in professional photographs, and that’s when I use the smile line patches. Again, they don’t erase everything, but they give a FaceTune effect that I quite enjoy.

As far as preparation of the skin goes, my typical routine is to wash my face thoroughly, exfoliate to help enhance the appearance of smoothness, and apply the patches. What I like about these patches is that there is no extra gels to press into the skin upon removal. I simply take them off and apply moisturizer and eye cream to prepare for makeup application.

I think this product is a homerun hit. The price is phenomenal, considering that you get a temporary facelift for less than $10! Effects are said to last for at least 24 hours, and some reviewers on the Ulta website seem to find extended results up to 48 hours after first use. The suggested wear time is 10 minutes, but I haven’t experienced negative effects of leaving them on longer. I want to soak up as many benefits as possible!

Point and shoot quality photographer right here! I tried to sharpen the image, but didn’t want to distort the actual work of the firming patches.
I meant to include pictures of me wearing the patches for an extra boost in self-confidence (it’s a joke), but I forgot to take them as getting ready for a wedding is stressful! But here’s a link if you want to check it out!