Packed from floor to ceiling in this darling structure is delightfully scented holiday goodness in the form of a deluxe Better Than Sex mascara and three palettes each containing six shadows and a large blush pan all for $49.00. Every year Too Faced slays the presentation game with value priced gift sets that bring the Christmas cheer, and the caroling of “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” begins! 

The matte shades are incredibly creamy and blendable, though some kick off a lot of powder. The glittery and shimmer shades radiate beautifully, and while some are very rough in texture they apply magically and pull together the look. All three blushes are so very different, but each one is packed with pigment to give off the holiday glow. Of all the holiday sets on the market this is the one I was most hoping to purchase, and I have not been disappointed with the quality and selection. I was able to travel home for Thanksgiving, and these palettes are all I took with me. I had plenty of variety to work with in creating a new look each day.

Peppermint Mocha


The whimsy packed into this palette is a true testament to the spirit of Too Faced. “May your heart be light,” indeed! The richness of Sprinkles is more majestic than any photo or swatch will clearly show. The dimension and depth in this multifaceted beauty steps up your eye game- especially for green or brown eyes. I also favor Christmas Blend, the other shimmer shadow of the palette, because of the soft glow it casts off. It’s beautiful for simple touches of highlight or all over the lid. I wore this palette with a navy blue sweater, and it made me feel so put together and elegant from shopping with my mom all the way through dinner with friends. 

Eggnog Latte


I have to say this is the palette I most looked forward to using. Cold Brew and Central Park speak to me on a spiritual level! (Almost to the point where I want to jump ship and become a Slytherin. Almost. They have the best house colors!) As expected these shades blend out to smoky perfection.The more I use this the more I love it! My husband and my favorite color is green, and he loves when I wear an emerald toned shadow. I’m happy to oblige, especially with the depth and glimmer of Central Perk. I could wear this with no other than my favorite kelly green v-neck, bell sleeved sweater. I bought it at least 10 years ago, but good quality never goes out of style.

Gingerbread Cookie img_5645img_5643-1

My Thanksgiving look was pulled together with the greatness of Gingersnap. Holy glow! I felt stunning with this pigment pressed onto my lid. I found the best color pay off came from adding a layer with a brush then pressing on additional product with my fingertip. For a metallic shade, Gingersnap is incredibly buttery to the touch! Gingerbread is the only shade that I img_5716questioned for my personal use. It doesn’t wear well for me as a blush, and the glitter made me hesitant to use as a bronzer. The more I played around with this I found that it makes an excellent base shadow for blowing out a crease, especially since this particular palette lacks a light transition shade. Being fair skinned this palette felt daunting to use on its own, but Gingerbread lightened up my look in all the right ways.
Paired with gold jewelry, a mahogany top, and caramel peep toe booties, I could not have felt more glamorous to feast on turkey and spend time with my family.


You’re never wasting your money when shopping Too Faced. I just love the energy and positivity that Jerrod Blandino and his team pack into their products. Just like good cooking is made from love, so is anything made by Too Faced. The philosophy of makeup being fun, exciting, sexy, and daring is never overlooked from the details of the packaging, the names of their products and the quality produced. This set is excellent for a present to yourself, a loved one, or even broken down for a very economical approach to gift giving. I couldn’t bring myself to give even one of these away, but I’m an only child and those habits die hard. Happy shopping!