Pep-Start Eye Cream pictured is a full size tube. I gave my sample size to a girlfriend.

Quick! Get in your car and drive to Sephora! Go! Go! Go! There is an amazing exclusive from Clinique just waiting to WOW you! It’s called the Merry & Brigthening Pep-Start Set, and it’s only $29.50 for three outstanding products!

photo-dec-10-4-37-36-pmOk, enough exclamation marks, I get it. But I am seriously wowed by the power of this tiny tube of eye cream. Directly upon using it I was greeted with a cooling sensation that immediately relaxed me, and within a couple hours of using it I could see an improvement to my under eye area. The dark circles diminished, the puffiness reduced, and a mini eye lift seemed to take place. It was a fantastic mirror moment! Not only did I see the benefits on my bare skin, but after applying makeup I noticed the increased wear time and smoothness in appearance too. There is not a single complaint I have about this eye cream, and I’m quite seriously considering gifting it to each leading lady in my life. The full size costs $26.50 and contains .5 ounces. A little dab will do more than you imagine.

My mom is already so hooked that she bought a second tube to carry with her. As a nurse for the Newborn ICU she understands long and stressful days. Using this cream helps her mask how tired she is by the special concealing powers of this product. And because it was meant to be worn under and over makeup the full benefits are received with each application. The suggested use is at least twice daily, morning and night, but touch ups are not discouraged. photo-dec-10-4-45-43-pmFor best results, it is recommended to squeeze a small amount of product onto the applicator and use circular motions to apply to the under eye area. Dab the excess product in with your finger.

photo-dec-10-4-36-16-pmIt was this wonderful eye cream that convinced me to buy the three piece set. The Hydroblur moisturizer alone is $29.50, and considering the set contains a full size version, why not get an additional eye cream and try their exfoliating face wash too? The Hydroblur is suggested for all skin types, but the skin solution it is targeted towards is dryness. I am not dry, even during the winter months, but I love this moisturizer on days where I am not wearing makeup, specifically. I always appreciate heavier moisturizers if I’m not concerned with keeping products on my face. It’s a nice way to treat the skin, and as the name Hydroblur suggests, it smooths your skin for a flawless natural day. While it is an oil free moisturizer I still have a build up of oil by the end of the day. If you have extreme oil as I do, this may not be the best match for you, unless your intent is to use it similar to me. I have not noticed a matte appearance as Sephora’s website claims to give, but, repeated like a broken record player, I don’t have dry skin.

photo-dec-10-4-36-45-pmThe final piece to this package is the Pep Start 2-in1 Exfoliating Daily Cleanser. It is super gentle on the skin, so if you are sensitive at all and have some dead skin to shed, this could be a real winner for you. says this is gentle enough to be used twice daily. I would agree as the grit is not rough at all. My preference for a good, solid, rip it all away exfoliator is the Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub. It is by far the grittiest exfoliator I have ever tried. But, that’s not the aim of the Pep Start cleanser. It’s meant to cleanse the face of dirt and grime and gently remove impurities from pores. For a daily routine, this is fabulous.

Everyone loves Clinique Bonus Time! Well, this isn’t exactly that. I don’t have an adorable cosmetic bag stuffed with goodies, but I do have a bonus item to review: The Clinique Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups. The packaging on all of the Pep Start products is young and fresh, and these pop-up swipes are worth trying just for the fun use of packaging technology.

These swipes are kept dry until pressure is applied. The swipe is submerged into the cleansing liquid and expands as it absorbs the product. Once it rises to the top it becomes accessible and ready for use. This will not remove your makeup. Unfortunately I wasted a swipe testing it on a full face. At $10.00 for 9 swipes, you need to conserve for its actual intended use- removal of oil and dirt. These would be perfect to pop in your gym bag to give your face a refresh after you pour sweat all over it. Take it to the beach to clean up before lunch or dinner- just remember to reapply sunblock to protect your delicate skin. Easy enough to gift as a whole or split apart between friends, I recommend you at least give these a try. I notice that I use them sparingly with each swipe costing just over a dollar. I use them as a beautiful reward, and use my normal facial towelettes for all other occasions.

Have I convinced you? Leave a comment below if you have tried these or intend to try them soon! I can’t stop telling people about them, especially the eye cream, and I hope you love them as much. The Pep-Start Eye Cream has become the one step that I never skip, even if I’m just on my way to the gym. It can’t hurt to look bright eyed and bushy tailed while relaxing into Sun Salutations or ramping it up on the treadmill, right? Namaste!