My husband and I just went on a cruise to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We enjoyed making salsa, guacamole, margaritas and learning to dance while in Cozumel, lounged on the shores of Costa Maya, and drank way too many cocktails while at sea.  Coming home from a fabulous vacation is always bittersweet. You don’t want it to end, but getting back to the real world is a necessity. And if the vacation goes well you’re almost ready to go back to your daily routine, satisfied of wanderlust for the time being.

Sorting through the mail is always an endeavor when you’ve been away, but I was granted a treat. My November #MorpheMe arrived! It was an extra prize on top of everything else from the previous week. I ripped open the package, leaving the bills and flyers to be reviewed later, and dove into the treasure chest.

November’s theme was all about blending. 


To help step up my blend game I have the M528, $12.99, a pointed contour brush made from natural hair; M551, $13.99, a tapered powder brush also made from natural hair; and the M517, $5.99 a jumbo crease brush made from natural hair. This month came with a bonus for Friendsgiving! The Flawless Beauty Sponge retails at $6.99, which rounds out this month’s total of $39.96 worth of brushes for $19.95. Not a bad haul at all!

M528- Described as a pointed contour brush, this really looks like a fluffy crease brush for giants! For my use, this will be used for an intense highlight. While I can see how the pointed tip allows for a precise contour, I’m much more into adding a ridiculous glow to the high points of my cheeks instead of carving out the hollows.

M551- This powder brush will perform a myriad of functions as its large, fluffy, densely packed bristles are multipurpose. A light touch will dispel extra powder from a bake, and a medium touch will blur the edges of a contour.

M517- A jumbo crease, indeed! Great for packing in the colors, this is best used with a light hand as you can really build up what you lay down. It does a great job blending and diffusing harsh lines as well. After nearly a month of using this gem, she has quickly become one of my go-to brushes.

photo-dec-09-9-03-05-pmFlawless Beauty Sponge- So many people claim that the original Beauty Blender is the only beauty sponge worth having. They’re wrong. I don’t see what spending $20 on a SPONGE does other than giving the bragging rights of wasting money. That said, I’ve owned two Beauty Blenders, and use it consistently. I also have a Real Techniques sponge as well as the small version they came out with for under eye perfection. I love them all. I find the Flawless Beauty Sponge to be equally enjoyable. It does its thing once soaked in water and patted down to remove the excess water. I have never owned a sponge with this shape before, but I like the pointed side for under eyes, and the flat heel works well for covering larger areas. The divot between them makes a natural space for your fingers to grip without impeding the area of the sponge you are employing. And it really blows up once you add water. Wring out well to avoid excess moisture on the face.

This wraps up another successful month of Morphe brushes for this happy subscriber. A Happy Friendsgiving to all of you beauty lovers out there!  May God bless you and yours as we celebrate this holiday season.

If you haven’t signed up for your #MorpheMe subscription yet, use this link to receive a free brush when you do! Once subscribed you will have your own link to share with friends and family to pass on this signing bonus!