For the past few years Too Faced Cosmetics has released an end-of-the-year mystery box for the price of $39.00. Spend $50.00 and you get free shipping! Aside from the copper/brown Bulletproof eyeliner, the above depicts what I received in my goody bag.

When the cat eyes palette first launched I was highly intrigued. Being a cat mom and future cat lady, it seemed an appropriate addition to my collection. Originally priced at $36.00 I could never make up my mind on whether or not the colors here were unique enough to purchase it. I was super excited to see it in the mystery box since  I never pulled the trigger myself.

Kitty glitter is my favorite shade from the palette, especially since  I don’t have a frosted icy blue anywhere else in my collection. It’s such an interesting shade as it shifts from blue to silver all in one blink.

All of the shades blend out very well, and I’ve only noticed the tiniest bit of patchiness on the shade Panther. It applies smoothly enough as you build up the color slowly, so in that way, I’m happy with it. Usually I add too much black way too quickly, and this helps me take my time to get the look (my version of) right.

I love the Melted lipsticks line. I have at least one from each collection- Melted, Melted Metallic, Melted Matte- and I enjoy the formula so, so much. It’s ultra creamy andold longwearing, and they’re all pigmented AF. However, I am not a fan of this shade- Melted Frosting. It does not go well with my skintone and features, and even if it did, it’s just too young of a color for me. I can’t. I hate it. I have reached the age where I have to look at shades of pink in this family and tell myself “No, that is not for you. Any more. Ever.” Thankfully, I have a friend with teenage daughters who are happy to accept free products.

Naked Dolly is a beautiful war2016-12-09-13-06-52m pink nude from the Too Faced Lip Creme line. It certainly is creamy like a nourishing balm, and I love the shade, but it is not terribly pigmented. More
like a flush of color, sort of. I love that it came in a sample size. It’s not one I will reach for habitually, so I wouldn’t have made it through a full tube. It’s a nice size to slip in the pocket of your purse so you can moisturize your lips with a hint of color throughout the day.

It amazes me the detail that goes on their packaging in general, but I feel it’s awesome that the deluxe samples are just as fancy.

I’ve heard many a YouTube beauty influencer rant over the quality of this glitter glue. I have to say that I was surprised when it did not come with the collab with Nikkie Tutorials for use with Glitterally. I’m sure it was based on 2016-12-09-13-24-01trying to keep a certain price point, but I would have preferred to have this instead of the Shadow Insurance as most people already have eyeshadows bases. Maybe most people already have a glitter glue too. I digress.

This glue is the perfect amount of tacky to apply to your lid and have enough stickiness leftover on the brush to dip into the product and press onto your skin. It removes easily at the end of the night without residues left behind.

If you make a claim that your eyeliner has the power to last 24 hours, I will test it to the pain of death, like the epic sword fight between Westley and Inigo Montoya on the Cliffs of Insanity. Call me Inigo, because this stuff will stay put! You have about a minute it to smudge it around to your liking, if you want it smudged at all (It’s shown smudged out in the pictures above.). It will withstand soap and water and even a Clarisonic. Get out the cleansing oils if you have hope for a clean slate ever again. The black one, Ooh & Aah, came with the mystery package. Mink, the metallic copper brown, is what I purchased to get free shipping! The quality for both products is equal, both performing as stated. I found Ooh & Aah to be more stubborn to remove, but that makes sense as its remnants are more visible with the darker pigmentation.

Better Than Sex is my favorite mascara of all time. It’s crazy expensive at $23.00 for a full sized tube, but I continue to buy it every time I need new mascara. This mystery box came with two! One from the NikkieTutorials collab in purple, and the other in their classic black. Was it good for you? asks the inside of the packaging. Every time. I love that they included the purple sample as I really enjoyed using the one from the Power of Makeup collection, and I would really love for more colors to be released. I am personally after a maroon/burgundy mascara because I think it will intensify the green of my eyes.

What I find innovative about Too Faced is how they constantly infuse their products with nature’s finest smelling amenities. From the chocolate in the majority of their line to Pe2016-12-09-13-24-26anut Butter to Peaches to Coconut Water they are always adding something to make their lines stand out. Coconut water is a main ingredient in the Hangover Rx Replenishing Facial Primer along with other hydrating oils and probiotics to create the look of healthy, cared for skin. I prefer matte products on makeup days as I have oily skin, but I will use this when I’m having a natural, being-nice-to-my-skin day.



Overall I am pleased with my purchase of this mystery box. It had products I wouldn’t consider buying and some of my all time favorites too. It was a nice mix, and I feel like I received my money’s worth. There are some things I would like to see done differently. For example, I wish there was a skin type/ skin tone/ age questionaire to fill out prior to purchasing so that the products were more tailored to the individual consumer. It would definitely be more work on Too Faced’s part, especially since these are probably products they have an abundance of, and the mystery box is a good way to cut down on excess product, but I would certainly appreciate the extra notes of care and attention to detail. The grab bag style encourages sharing as I have and will continue to pass on some of the products received to friends who will be more apt to use them than I would.

This was a fun experiment that I have no regrets in doing. However, I don’t think this is something I will do again. Well, probably I will, because I love a surprise. I just wish I was more WOWed by it instead of feeling like I got some cast offs that are kind of cool. I guess we’ll see what happens when it comes around next year!