I love Black Friday shopping! It’s such a fun time where everblack-fridayyone appears happy as they kick off the holiday shopping season. I don’t usually like big crowds, and my brain has a tendency of shutting down if there is too much chaos, but this one day
a year I’m all for it. Especially since this year I saved up to go on a decently large shopping spree, but aside from an oversized Harry Potter t-shirt, I went home empty handed. And then I found online shopping.


Anthropologie is an authorized retailer for the Artis brand, and they dangled a 30% off discount code in my face as I went to their website of my own free will. I clicked on all the Artis packages and did the math for the discounted price, but what I wanted was still too much for my brain, wallet, and definitely my husband’s opinion. So, I purchased what I thought would serve me best: Oval 7.


This is such a unique experience for makeup application. With tried and true competition in the Beauty Blender and unusual fads like the silisponge, I was more than a little curious as to what made these brushes special. Of course I have seen the beauty influencer community play, test, and rave over most of this line, but I was still nervous about spending SO much for one item. What if it didn’t work for me? Things can’t be perfect for every person on the planet!

As with most things this required a learning curve. The first application was smooth, and I was really satisfied with the ease in which my foundation glided onto my face. But as I examined it closer I found blotchy patches and dry spots accentuated. I have only used Urban Decay’s All Nighter  matte foundation, and this has a habit of drying into place, even if unblended. My second attempt with the Artis brush went much more smoothly. I worked in quadrants and took my time to blend out the areas I noticed looking off after the first trial- my nose, chin and jawline, and around the temple/outer corner of my eye. Success!


The Artis Oval 7 is among the smoothest tools I have ever used on my face. With minimal product I am able to achieve a smooth and even canvas to build up to my liking. Holding it makes perfect sense as it melts to fit the contour of your hand and has enough spring in the handle to bend around the topography of your face. This is what makes Artis brushes truly special.

It does NOT require more product to create an even layer of coverage as long as you properly disperse the foundation to the back of your hand or a mixing palette. If you apply the product directly to the bristles you will quickly be loading it up with excess and wasted money. With my Tarte foundation brush I am able to cover my face with one full pump of product as it doesn’t seem to eat up too much excess, but sometimes a streaky application occurs. It is a large, dense brush that is probably the most comparable to my Artis brush. With the Oval 7 I used nearly two full pumps to make sure the area of my face was covered evenly, and a lot of excess was absorbed by the bristles, as I found out while cleaning it. There is a specific cleanser and cleaning mat made for this line which may provide ease when cleansing, but, true to the brand, it is expensive so I haven’t purchased it. After reading the Artis website’s Do’s and Don’ts I learned it was my mistake that caused the need for all of the excess foundation. I tried again using a small, glass plate to serve as my palette. I dabbed the brush lightly and was amazed at how much of my face was covered with such tiny droplets of foundation.

It’s not more time consuming overall, but the more time you take the better results you will have. Isn’t that always the case? I am thoroughly impressed with the application once everything is blended in, and I love that this is gentle to the touch so my skin isoldn’t being dragged around. The Artis website suggests a lighter-than-usual touch as they created their brushes to “efficiently” place makeup to the skin. I did attempt to blend out my concealer, but that may require a smaller brush. I found this one to drag the skin under my eyes a bit, and ultimately I prefer the Beauty Blender to diffuse something as heavy as a concealer, for now. I may try using my non-dominant hand, also suggested by Artis, to see if that gives me a lighter touch. I have my sight set on a three brush combo pack to include the Oval 4, Circle 1, and Linear 1 brushes for $90.00. Come on, Anthropologie! Send out that discount code!