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I’d like to think that I missed Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette the first time around because I hadn’t really started my blog when it first launched and the world needed to read my opinion. Truthfully, I have no excuse for missing it the first time around, but the relaunch has saved my soul! What was I waiting for? The color scheme is perfect for me. And seriously, just opening the palette is a revitalizing experience that garners inspiration and artistic creativity for a genuine look.


For this look I am wearing Just Peachy Candied Peach on my lid; Puree, Peach Pit, and Summer Yum in the crease and outer corner; Nectar to highlight; Bless Her Heart smudged on my lower lashline. 
Other Too Faced products featured: Better Than Sex mascara, original formula; Melted Metallic lipstick in Debutante
Liner: the Estee Edit- metallishadow in Cyberella.
Lashes: Tarteist PRO in Girl Boss.

The beauty of this palette is the ease in which one can create looks for day and night, work appropriate or seductive and sultry. Jerrod Blandino has described peaches as the sexiest fruit he could think of, and this collection is ripe for the picking. Created to capture the beauty from every part of the peach, the palette is a gradient of the different colors you’ll find when shopping this delicious fruit. Nudes and neutrals for the flesh, peachy pinks for the brighter aspects of the skin, browns and a hella gorgeous green for the stem, leaves and tree it came from, and darker tones of plum and red to enhance and compliment the definition found on this naturally ombréd fruit. Each shade is infused with peach extract to emit a heavenly peach aroma and grace the skin with nutrients.

Top Row Shades from Left to Right (no flash v flash): White Peach; Luscious; Just Peachy; Bless Her Heart; Tempting; Charmed, I’m sure

The texture of these shadows is creamy, buttery, and luxe; soft to the touch, but not so soft that it will crumble. The top row gives the versatility of every part of the peach from the soil to the tree to the stem to the fuzzy skin to the juicy flesh, the complete picture is represented. Luscious appears more golden in this picture, but it is more rose toned, portraying the pink nature of many peaches. Bless Her Heart is just stunning with its mossy green exterior and golden microglitter pop. A Southern saying filled with sass, the dimension in this shade perfectly captures its cheekiness.

Middle Row Shades from Left to Right (no flash v flash): Nectar; Cobbler; Candied Peach; Bellini; Peach Pit; Delectable

This row screams summer time- the hot rays of sunlight shaded by a veranda while sitting in a white rocking chair sipping iced sweet tea and fanning away the heat while surveying the wide open fields. That’s what I want when I see these colors together: the picturesque summer day in Georgia from old movies. Nowadays, if I’m on my porch the ceiling fans are on, and I’m waving to my neighbors as they pass with their children or dogs five feet from me and my glass of wine. And it’s December when the temperatures hover around 75 instead of 105.

Candied Peach enhances the golden flecks in the green of my eyes. It’s a cheerful color that has a strong, friendly quality. Cobbler is a dazzler with an air of mystery. Is it plum or brown or both?

Bottom Row Shades from Left to Right (no flash v flash): Peaches and Cream; Georgia; Caramelized; Puree; Summer Yum; Talk Derby to Me

When Laura Lee released her collection with Violet Voss one of the things I truly enjoyed was the names of each shade and how southern they were. I grew up in North Florida, an extension of southern Georgia. They say the farther south you go in Florida the more north you really are. I’d say I find this to be true! There aren’t many southern accents down here in Tampa. We’re also lacking canopy roads and any kind of topography, which is what I really miss. Too Faced has me reminiscing about the beauty surrounding my childhood. For me, the earthy tones of the bottom row of this palette represent the foundation from which we all grow. It’s a beautiful thing to hold positive imagery of memories. Silly to think the name of something can do that, but when a name is paired with a visual aide, like the color of an eyeshadow, and enhanced with the smell of something as sweet as a peach, it can happen.

Much like the palette of a painter, these shadows were carefully selected to compliment each other so the story would be told in unison. The narrator is found reliable and not withholding any details. Made from Jerrod’s memory of being fascinated with the complexity of the peach he saw in a television ad, delivered with love for artistry, don’t miss out on this palette like I originally did. Let this become a part of your collection and see what it evokes from your memories.