One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was the Clarisonic Mia 1. It’s Hot Pink. It removes impurities from my skin. It’s waterproof. The battery lasts forever! A mini review in 4 short sentences! Let me break it down:

2016-12-05-17-08-13We can move on from the hot pink exterior. That’s a personal preference, and there are many color options to purchase. The main function that is of utmost importance, the reason to even purchase an electronic facial cleanser, is how it performs in removing dirt, impurities and even makeup. Since I received this as a gift I have used it at least once daily, mainly twice since having a new tool is a way to recommit yourself to optimal skin care. I’ve always removed my makeup at the end of the night, but I have certainly been (and will occasionally always be) lazy about a nighttime routine. The cleansing session lasts for a minute, and it is suggested to work from the forehead to the cheeks to the nose and chin within that minute. Personally, I like to begin with the cheeks, continue to the chin, up the nose and finish off with the forehead. My trouble areas are the large pores on my nose and cheeks, so I spend some extra quality time there for the deepest clean possible. Also, if I’m not in the shower, starting with the forehead has been a problem because the soap or excess water behind the brush head drips into my eyes or mouth or nose- anywhere that would cause discomfort. It’s not a fun experience! beginning on the lower part of the face creates less possibility of accidental soap drops.

Yes, I said I use this in the shower. As long as it is not hooked up to the charger the Clarisonic facial cleansers are perfectly happy to work in and around water. This encourages my use of the tool because it’s one less washcloth added to the laundry pile! I keep my Mia in the shower in a small, plastic, hole-y container that suctions onto the tile. This keeps it from direct water contact when not in use, but still makes it harder to avoid using it than not.

photo-jan-19-2-04-37-pmWhen you purchase a Clarisonic facial cleanser you will also receive ย a sample of their Refreshing Gel Cleanser. I have used this, and I found it to be extremely gentle. My personal favorite face washes are Glamglow’s Powercleanse Daily Dual Cleanser, Murad’s Acne Complex Clarifying Cleanser, Clinique’s Pep-Start, and Philosophy’s Purity. Every day is a grab bag for me of which I will choose. It’s usually Glamglow. On days when I use an exfoliating product I skip the Mia- too intense! For extreme exfoliation I turn to Ole Henriksen’s Walnut Complexion Scrub.

Originally my mom purchased Clinique’s version of the facial cleanser for me, but the research I did led me to believe that Clarisonic would be a better fit for my skin needs. I exchanged it quite easily, thanks to an understanding team member at Macy’s, and also purchased the brush head I thought best for my skin needs- the Deep Pore brush. While the Delicate brush included with the facial cleanser feels fabulous to the touch I wanted something to more aggressively defeat my skin woes. The bristles of the Deep Pore brush are denser and more wiry, without being uncomfortable, and my face feels so incredibly smooth after use. Makeup application is fairly the same, but in areas I had trouble blending prior to using my Mia have improved. My nose seems to need constant exfoliation or it takes my beautiful foundation and distorts it grotesquely. Using Mia has really cut down on that!

So, with close to 20 days of using this facial cleanser I have to say what ย a winner it is! There are newer, more expensive versions of Clarisonic Facial Cleansers, but that doesn’t mean the Mia 1 is not fantastic for basic skin needs. The Mia 2 has speed options, and the Mia Fit has a completely different shape altogether. As I’ve never used a cleansing tool before I started out with what was most simple and practical. I’m sure I would enjoy the other products from Clarisonic, but I am 100% satisfied using the Mia 1. As brushes need to be replaced every three months I look forward to trying other styles, like the Radiance, but my go-to will definitely be the Deep Pore.

The charger connects magnetically and buzzes when correctly attached.

I just knew this needed to be on my Christmas list! It was on my list of possible purchases for quite a while, but, as per usual, once I heard Tati endorse the brand I knew it was the absolute winner for me. So glad to own this! I’m especially glad it came from my mom so that I can tell her time and again how much I appreciate her getting it for me. Oh, and about that long lasting battery- I have yet to need to charge my Mia. Neither the speed nor intensity has lessened. I’m curious to see how much longer she’ll run without a recharge!


What brush heads do you own for your Clarisonic facial brush? Any cleansers you find working better than others? Share in the comments below!