Have you watched any YouTube beauty videos lately? Mine all have ads featuring Jen Tarte doing something fabulous with one of her new products. Goodbye, all the money! During their Friends & Family 30% off sale I bought several items, the standouts being their new lashes!

The left lashes are my favorite. Girl Boss seems like a fitting name for a company run by a woman taking the industry one cruelty-free product after another. Flirt, shown on the right, are much subtler in some ways, but create a beautiful, voluminous pop sure to be noticed. These lashes are supremely comfortable and surprising light. They are competitively priced at $12.00 a pair, which is more expensive than drugstore, but less expensive than others. House of Lashes prices comparatively, but companies like Nubounsom and Huda Beauty top $20 and even $30 for one set. While they are made for reuse, it is hard to part with $30 for one pair when I could buy nearly three pairs from Tarte, especially when their products are cruelty-free.

So, what is a Girl Boss? Better yet, what makes a Girl Boss? To me, it’s my goal status. I want to be in control of my life in all aspects. I’m already in a successful marriage with shared goals, and we also own a home. I’m working on being in control of my health by working out and eating right. The last main portion of my life where I need more control is my career. My husband owns a business and inspires me to do the same. That’s how this blog began. It’s my greatest wish to write full time, and I’m taking steps to make that happen. When I wear these lashes and see the vibrancy they bring to my eyes, I come alive.

The first time I wore Girl Boss was for a fancy schmancy Christmas dinner. The entire night was magical from driving around to look at the Christmas lights, the cocktails, the perfectly grilled steak and after dinner coffee and dessert. While these elements all make for a fantastic evening, a new level of confidence emerges when you feel beautiful. My makeup was inspired by this Jaclyn Hill Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial video. I love her! Some of the techniques were new to me, like smudging black eyeshadow along the outer lashline and flicking up and out ever so slightly to create some light drama. I didn’t have to use eyeliner or create a perfect wing to create a fancy look. And my inner corner remained bright and opened. Love!


I wore these lashes a lot during the holidays. For times I needed a boost of confidence to times I wanted to add some pizzazz, these lashes were there for me. The point of being a Girl Boss is to feel in control, confident and capable. It may always be a work in progress to obtain this status, but that’s also the point. There is always room to improve ourselves, and we are always worth the effort!