Ah, 1993, I remember so much about you. My favorite book was Bunnicula, I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and watching Power Rangers was a daily staple (after homework,of course). The latest craze- Beanie Babies- launched a new bonding opportunity for me and my mom. Yep, I turned 7 this year, so that’s about as extensive as my memories gets. In hindsight I have other things to appreciate about this year, like the release of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, my favorite Robin Williams movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the Mel Brooks classic Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Of course, my favorite part of the 90’s became my love for grunge culture, specifically in Nirvana and Sound Garden.

Channeling 90’s teen angst to help my character, Miri, come to life. I’ve got a full face of UD going here, from prep to set.

I entered a short story writing competition where I was given the genre of Historical Fiction. While it may not seem appropriate to dub the 1990’s as historical, get ready for a kick in the pants because it’s been 27 years since the dawning of the age of the 90’s. While I may not have been old enough at the forefront of this new era of grungy goodness, I sure did learn to love it! I purchased the Vice lipstick and liquid lipstick and the 24/7 Glide On lip liner in the shade 1993 to help me get into my character, Miriam’s, head. I was hoping to work the launch of UD into my story, but when reading their history I realized it happened later in the 90’s than the rest of my story.


UD was launched in the mid 90’s as an alternative to the pinks, reds, and beiges of the cosmetic world. Today, the Violet Underground speaks both to mainstreamers and subversives alike. With products named as sassy as their attitudes, the founders, our fearless cult leaders, defined new ways to look, feel and act.When looking for red eyeshadow I discovered the shade Gash. As a 13 year old I never dreamed I could own a $20 eye shadow. I never even asked. Now, I own it in a lipstick and have it in the UD Reloaded XX palette. Make a blush and a mascara, and I’ll happily add that into my collection.

The story behind 1993 may not be explicitly published, but I can imagine the influences behind it. As the grunge music scene grew in popularity the fashion world embraced a new color scheme. As S’well Crandell taught us in 1991 “Times, they are a changin’,” and that’s what was beginning to happen with the jewel toned trends of the 80’s as they started to be replaced by dingy plaid, sloppy jeans, combat boots, and medium browns for eyes and lips. 1993 is the perfect representation of this nostalgia. With a slight pink/mauve subtlety to complement it, this shade evokes its namesake immediately. Adding the matching 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner will give the longest wear possible. There are two forms in which to wear this color, and  I purchased them both! The comfort matte Vice lipstick and the comfort matte Vice liquid lipstick. With the regular formula, shown in the middle swatch, there is no sheen, but it does not dry down on the lips. Between the beeswax, butters and oils added to the formula the name “comfort” matte is readily earned. Smooth, even pigment in one swipe is the dream. 9 times out of 10 you get that from a liquid lipstick, but it’s a fabulous find when it comes in a bullet. The liquid lipstick formula will dry down completely within a minute and 30 seconds, and even passes the kiss test. Lick your lips, kiss your hand, and you still will not see even a trace of the pigment transfer! While it is drying on the lips, it’s not as chalky as an Anastasia liquid lipstick. You can smile without fear of cracking, eat without fear of fading, and drink without marking your territory, aka your glass or cup. To purchase both the lipstick and the liner you’ll spend $27 ($28 if you opt for the liquid lipstick version), which is just under the price of a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit, for reference.

Time tested, quality improved, Urban Decay will always be near and dear to my heart, especially with throwbacks to the greatest decade yet! Grab a plaid flannel shirt, turn on some Nirvana or Sound Garden, and rock the hell out of your lips with 1993.