There is not a more accurate way to describe a hair dryer that gets my hair completely dry within four minutes. No exaggeration. I’ve timed it. Shower to styled, 4 minutes. The power behind this lightweight machine is beyond comparison. It’s not the quietest of tools, or the cheapest, but quality in design requires sacrifices somewhere. There are three attachments included to suit a variety of hair needs from stick straight, like mine, to tight curls. Pick your poison- no attachment, smoothing nozzle, diffuser, or styling concentrator- you’re sure to get your desired effect.


Smoothing Nozzle: Who doesn’t want smooth hair? I have never met someone who was against having hair on point. Sure, there are styles where extra texture adds to a sexy and wild look, but I’ve never heard of someone pleased with not being able to make their hair smooth. This is my favorite attachment. Sure, I have naturally straight hair, but it needs help getting to a polished state. Reviewing the manufacturer’s videos on the Dyson website I’ve learned to attack my hair from a top angle instead of blowing the air straight into my hair. Using my fingers to mimic a brush, drying my hair is a breeze without creating a windswept mess of tangles.

Styling Concentrator: I love a sleek look, but a good blow out to get Shania Twain volume, and Man, I Feel Like a Woman! Employing a quality round brush just adds to the possibilities! The opening is slightly narrower than the smoothing nozzle to give an extreme concentrated blast of air. The technology, which is certainly over my head, is designed in such a way that the temperature is measured 20 times per second to minimize any heat damage during styling. The temperature is reported to a microchip that adjusts the amount of heat as necessary.

Diffuser: This is not a tool I have used on my hair yet. The videos I have watched show women with tight curls using the diffuser to dry their hair without disturbing the shape of the curl. The lowest heat and airflow settings are recommended by Dyson for use with the diffuser.

The features on the dryer include the bladeless technology that Dyson is known for. No more getting hair stuck in the fan! There are three heat and airflow settings, as well as the option to use no heat and/or the cooling button. My daily use of this includes the smoothing attachment on high heat and high airflow. I haven’t noticed my hair feeling or appearing damaged at all. It does feel a little dry, but the use of a hair oil remedies this problem. The filter is so simple to empty. Located at the base of the handle, a simple twist of the cover will reveal any debris needing to be removed. Twist the cover back into place, and it’s back to business as usual. I love the heat protectant mat included to prevent any marks on your surfaces. I’ve never found mine to get hot enough to be an issue, but I do like to use it with my straightener or curling wand.

My husband bought me this dryer for Christmas. While it retails for $399.99 he was able to purchase it during Sephora’s friends and family 20% off event. Combining that with the 6% cashback perk of Ebates, it wasn’t a terribly expensive investment. Ok, yes, it was.

I rationalize this purchase because of the quality behind the name of Dyson. I know this will last me years and years, and I have a warranty for the first couple of years should anything go wrong. I want my hair to look good, and having a quality tool to prevent severe damage is a great step in achieving that goal. I considered other well-respected companies for hair dryers, such as the Buttercup from DryBar and the Featherweight Luxe from T3, Β but I don’t have other products from those companies to tie in a personal connection. I’ve had a Dyson Animal Ball vacuum for nearly seven years. It’s moved with us three times and always lives up to my cleaning needs. Sure, this hair dryer, just like my vacuum, required a higher price tag, but I’m sold out to the results garnered by this company. It’s a worthy investment if you are willing to part with that much cash. As an added bonus, this purchase helped me reach VIB Rouge status at Sephora through 2017! Woohoo!