Specs: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Backtalk

Description: Natural pink nude

Price: $18.00

Claims: Long wearing and waterproof

Backtalk is as natural a color as it is coming out of my mouth. Ask my mom! Or the old man who needed a reminder on how to talk to people. Either one will be quick to teangelll you my mouth is out of control. I call it being assertive.

This shade is best described as natural lip color, but enhanced. If you watch LeighAnn Says, you know what I’m talking about! This is not a new shade to UD, but it was relaunched as part of their Vice Liquid Lipstick collection in January. When I stalked out the different shades in Ulta, it was one of the only ones left on the shelf, so I bought it. Not a thrilling tale of why to purchase this shade, right? I was shocked, and dare I say it? I was shook. (That felt SO weird to type…) How had I overlooked this fantastic color a thousands times?

I create a smoky eye, I reach for Backtalk. It’s a no-makeup-makeup day, better use Backtalk. High intensity glam eye, Backtalk is just the thing to compliment the look. Seriously, just wear it once and tell me I’m wrong! This versatile beauty fits everyone because we all get sassy sometimes, right? The long wear and waterproof claims are 100% verified. This won’t pill up or rub off. That includes removing it at the end of the night. She likes to stick around.

Wear this and the world won’t see it coming, but when you give them the verbal beat down don’t be surprised if they ask “Is that backtalk?” You look them in the eye and say “It’s so natural, right?”