You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Tarte Shape Tape is being sought out, tried out, and raved about on nearly ever beauty influencer’s channel. It took me quite a while to succumb to the trend, mainly because my loyalty to Urban Decay’s Naked concealer was quite intense. Alas, I finished off the one I had, and instead of repurchasing I decided to give the Shape Tape a try.

photo-feb-03-11-25-47-amI ordered from Tarte’s website during the 30% off sale in December and was very thrilled to see the color range available. Instead of deciding between Fair and Light, I was able to purchase Fair Beige to complement the pink undertones of my skin. While Ulta also carries many of the shades in stores, the complete line is only available online. QVC has the base shades available and also includes a Tarte beauty sponge for an additional $4.00 making the total $28.00 instead of the standard $24.00. Stock is limited, and Tarte has even placed a 2-per-customer rule for each order.

The first time I tried this concealer, I hated it. It patched off as I tried to blend it into my skin with my Beauty Blender. It turned out to be user error because my Beauty Blender was too wet to properly disperse the product onto my skin. Instead the moisture destroyed my work. Easy enough to fix! I just have to make sure to really expel the excess water from the sponge, and amazingly it has worked like a dream every time I’ve worn it since!

Does anyone else feel like Topanga when adding highlighter to the high points of the face? She was way ahead of her time, breaking the rules of makeup to feel confident in her own skin, even before it was a trend. She even got better at it as the seasons went on. Wait- was she the original one to challenge YouTubers to do their boyfriend’s/husband’s makeup??? Ah… 1990’s nostalgia!

A triangle under each eye, a stripe down the nose, a dab on the cupid’s bow and chin, and an asterisk on the forehead make up my concealing routine. With use of a Beauty Blender to melt it into my skin and Coty’s Airspun Translucent Powder to lock it into place, I have no worries about wear time, coverage, or breakouts. The benefits of using a makeup from a company obsessed with making natural products is the decreased chances of negative reactions with the skin.  It brightens and helps camouflage areas or spots as needed. The doe foot applicator is larger than usual, which I love since it is an extremely thick product.I confidently recommend the Shape Tape as a creaseless, long-wearing concealer.