I’d like to give this blog post a catchier title, but it is what it is. I have tried several Glamglow products over the past few months, and I want to share all my thoughts on them! As this is a more expensive product line I have only dipped my toes into their pool of skin treatments. Especially since the first time I tried the SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser I had a horrible chemical burn that gave me a tomato face for a week! And it HURT! Even my heavy moisturizers weren’t a match for my affliction. I ended up using the entire bottle of cleanser with no further maladies, so I can’t really say what happened that first go around. That was two years ago, almost to the date! Don’t you love Sephora’s purchase history option???

Fast forward to December 2016. I used my 500 points perk to purchase this Glamglow set:

Included are deluxe samples of SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser, SuperMud Clearing Treatment, YouthMud Tinglexfoliant Treatment, and ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. Each one is made from different leaves, clays, and antioxidants that combine to beautifully transform the skin based on specific skin concerns. I fight oily skin and clogged pores, so the SuperCleanse and SuperMud were the first two products to go. Next came the YouthMud, and I still have at least one, maybe two, applications of the ThirstyMud. The good news: I didn’t have a chemical burn from the SuperCleanse this time! Hurray!

I love the SuperMud Clearing Treatment and recently purchased the full size from Glamglow as the price was lowered because they are repackaging it to a larger size. Instead of paying $69, which is what kept me from trying it for so long, I paid $45 minus 15% for joining their email list. $69 worth of product for $38.25? Can’t be mad about that! I enjoyed the YouthMud, but I’m super picky about my exfoliators, and this was not coarse enough for my taste. It is nice that a mask is combined with the exfoliation, but I’d rather exfoliate first then add a mask to really sink into my pores. Adding in my Clarisonic Mia 1 has also helped eradicate the gunk that has been infecting my skin. ThirstyMud has been a nice treat to the skin on nights when the weather is a little drier or harsher to the skin. I like that you don’t need to wash it off, but rather pat it in for additional nourishment.

I made a return of a product dud to Sephora and could hardly stand to sit on the store credit, so I purchased the PowerCleanse Daily Cleanser. I decided on this instead of the SuperCleanse for two reasons. 1- to try something new. 2- the claims of PowerCleanse are to detox and purify the skin to leave it healthier and stronger. Bonus: this smells absolutely incredible! It is gentle to my skin, yet leaves it feeling clean and balanced. The directions state to put it on dry skin then wet hands to create a foaming lather. I use it with my Clarisonic, so I skip the dry step. I’m sure I’m losing out some doing it this way, but I still enjoy its effect.

The la2016-12-04-23-44-57st products I’ve tried came from their Christmas collection: Sexy Kissable Lips. Sounds good, right? Included in the kit is the Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliator and Wet Lip Balm as well as a Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment. I love the exfoliator because of the balm mixed with it. The other lip exfoliant I use is from Lush, and because it has no binding agent I tend to waste more product than I use. Glamglow will stick to the lips allowing for a longer scrub time. I love to use the Wet Lip Balm right after. I love Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask, how thick it is. This balm is incredibly thick as well, and really feels- dare I say it- moist on the lips. It’s not so overbearing that it feels heavy, but your lips are drenched in an intense hydrating treatment. The Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment is spicy! Some lip plumpers go the peppermint-icy-hot route, while others, Glamglow included, go the way of what feels like poprocks crackling on your lips, or tiny rubberbands being thumped against your pout until it expands. With hyaluronic acid, vitamins and botanical butters in the mix of ingredients, your lips are sure to thank you as they smooth out and plump out.

Part of me wishes that I disliked the products I have tried from Glamglow. They’re expensive and not something I will be able to buy regularly. I’m so thankful for holiday gift sets that come out and give a break on the price point so I can try more things! On the regular though, these won’t be monthly staples I continue to purchase. They are very much worth the money when you read about their ingredients and how they’re meant to enhance the skin, but that doesn’t grant me more money to spend on every want I have. This definitely falls into the Shiny Object Effect category as I fixated on the possibilities and let that guide my purchase. So I guess I give this line a 50/50? I am pleased with the products and truly enjoy them, but I’m not encouraged to repurchase once I am out of what I own. That may change the more I get closer to tossing the empties, but for now I’ll just enjoy the things that I have.