Specs: Too Faced Hangover Primer

Description: a moisturizing primer infused with coconut water and probiotics

Price: $15.00-$32.00

For Purchase: Too Faced ;  Sephora ; Ulta ; Macy’s

Haven’t you been hungover? Shriveled? Dried out? Witheringvitameatavegamin in the corner? Pooped out at parties? Vitameatavegamin may not be there to solve your problems, but Too Faced’s Hangover Primer is! I avoided trying this gem for ages because I have oily skin. I assumed that using a hydrating primer would cause my makeup to dissolve without prompting, but when I saw PatrickStarrr using it in a tutorial, I was coaxed into trying it out myself. I first received this product as a sample in the 2016 Mystery Box. I used it instead of a moisturizer on a day where I declined using makeup. Thankfully, there was enough for a second dose to try out on a glam day. I kid you not- my makeup lasted the entire day through! I was so surprised! No crinkling wrinkles poking through, no patchy areas free from applied product, just plump- in the best sense of the word- skin.

Had I been a smart cookie, I would have used the 20% off coupon that came in the mystery box, but I missed the window of opportunity and purchased it at full price at Ulta. I swear, ever since I signed up for their credit card I can’t stay out! Ok, I signed up for the card because I couldn’t stay out, but whatevs.

I enjoy this primer for several occasions. I still enjoy it on no makeup days as it gives an extra boost of vitality to my skin. I very much enjoy it as a winter primer, even though our south Florida winters still allow 70’s/80’s temperatures, as the humidity is down and I don’t need quite as much oil control. It’s funny that my skin is never slick or shiny, like I expected, but rather it is tacky enough for sublime makeup application. Infused with coconut water and probiotics, this good-for-you product is an incredible addition to any skincare/makeup lover’s collection. Good skin = good makeup, after all.