Life opens up when you do!

I don’t know who first said it, but I know I hear PatrickStarrr quote it so many times on SnapChat that I’m starting to believe it! Fear is something that holds us back and diminishes our dreams. It immobilizes us because the unknown could hurt or laugh or judge. The key is to trust that the good outweighs the bad, trust in your gut that you feel strongly about X and your opinion matters, trust in yourself, most importantly, and your own value. You count, too!


The Estee Edit Fluid Metal Eyeshadow in “Don’t Be Afraid” is a beautiful plum base with a rockin’ pink/lavender/fuchsia glitter. It’s definitely bold and not something you can wear and blend in. It pushes you beyond your self-imposed limits and demands you take center stage. So what’s your platform?

The liquid formula dries down completely and is made to be layered for different levels of opacity. If you are just looking for a glitzy effect one coat is perfection. To build up the plum base two coats is definitely necessary. I like to add the product to my eyelid with the doe foot applicator, and then I will pat it around the edges using my finger. It’s very creamy. The glitter blends into the creme shadow well, locking it into place and removing any rough texture. It’s pretty easy to control, but using the less-is-more approach keeps things from getting crazy. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, then by all means, go crazy!

It’s hard to capture on film the exact look of this shadow. Without the flash it appears more burgundy; with the flash it appears much more purple. IRL, it’s somewhere between the two.  Sephora describes it as “blackberry with pops of violet sparkle.” I feel like it leans towards the cooler side, and I love adding blue to the mix when wearing this as an eye look.I’ve tried this with a bright pink lip, like UD’s Anarchy, and with a grey-toned neutral like Texas Toast, Tarte’s collab with Grav3yardGirl. I’m a fan of both!









This is a super cool product. It gives a similar effect to their Metallishadow Creme +Powder duo, but takes less time to achieve. Where it falls short is the effort to achieve  completely opaque coverage. To its advantage, it is very light, and since it dries down completely there isn’t a lot of slip and slide happening during wear time. Like with every other eye product out there, it’s best used with a primer or other trusted base to extend the look as long as possible.

The Estee Edit is exclusive to Sephora and their own website. While their parent company, Estee Lauder is not completely cruelty free the Estee Edit is! Their line is produced in the US, and the Fluid Metals retail for $24.00. It’s a small price to pay to set your game face. Leave your fears behind, take a deep breath, and conquer your dreams to create your ultimate reality!