glitters This saying may not be true in every aspect of life, but when it comes to makeup, all that glitters IS gold! Maybe you like a little shimmer, maybe you like to pack it on brighter than your highlighter, it’s all good! So many companies have come out with glitter liners to make the impact stick to your eyes, not wherever it chooses to land.

Urban Decay released their line of Heavy Metal glitters in

necklace from Ann Taylor Loft

7 colorful shades. From metallic metals to vivacious jewel tones a high quality shine is achieved with a precision tipped brush. Versatile in use, it wears as a liner-duh- an eyeshadow topper, inner corner pizzazz or a hint of glitz as a cut crease definer. Midnight Cowboy is a cult classic, and I’d wager their most popular shade, as it’s constantly sold out.

Tarte came along with the Eye Jewels collection that features a double ended liner of an opaque metallic and a glitter in either silver or white gold. The glitter end performs photo-feb-08-2-28-01-pmidentically to the Heavy Metal liner, but really adds a layer of shock when you combine the opaque end with the glitter. Jen Tarte created anphoto-feb-08-2-27-40-pm eyelook with just the eye jewel, concentrating the metallic liner as an all over shadow continued to the lower lashline then added the glitter to the center of her lid for the WOW factor. All three wear options create gorgeous possibilities and tailor to individual preferences.

When compared with one another, both the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liner and Tarte Eye Jewels glitter perform very well. One doesn’t last longer or come with more intense glitz. The other isn’t flaking away or irritating to apply/wear. They’re equal. Tarte stands out more because of their dual-ended advantage. The consumer is given more creative license with the opaque base that is optionally added to intensify a look. Urban Decay can be purchased at any of their standard retailers for $20, while the Eye Jewels, which originally retailed for $24.00 are now available for $12.00, are available on Tarte’s website only. Two for the price of one! Hurry on up and get them in your collection before they disappear altogether!