I’ve never been a “why” person. I hated my geometry class in high school because of the proofs we had to do. I didn’t care why a formula worked; I just wanted to know which one I needed to use. I’m like that with many things in life, so when I find something I am interested in learning more about I really know the ins and outs of its business.


2017-01-26-15-13-14Dr. Brandt Skincare released a magnetic mask meant to energize, brighten, and remove impurities from the skin. Unlike a mud mask it doesn’t get glued onto the skin, but instead sits there and gets dry-ish. It’s altogether uneventful up until this point, at least to the naked eye. While it’s hanging out on your face, you’re getting a helpful boost from the iron, essential oils and peptides infused in this mask to help present a more youthful and radiant appearance. And then, you get to take it off.

Usually, the masks I wear are not a joy to remove. Some are strong as they suck the impurities from my pores, and they don’t want to let go. It can require extra scrubbing and rubbing, which is not always a kind thing to do to your skin. So with Magnetight, I found it absolutely thrilling not to have to scrub away anything, because the product is removed with the included magnet. Wrapped in a moderately thick piece of tissue, hover the 2017-01-26-15-26-33magnet millimeters from your skin. Move slowly and prepare to be amazed! Without even TOUCHING the skin the product is lifted away and standing straight up on the piece of tissue. Warning: do NOT let the product get on the magnet. It is a bitch to get off. Seriously, it took me forever to remove the tiniest of fragments from the magnet.

Once you’re finished removing the mask gently massage any remnants into your skin. You’ll enjoy the smooth, hydrated, velvety feel revealed once the impurities have been magnetically whisked away. The black tourmaline ground into the formula is described on Dr. Brandt’s website as a powerful mineral that “neutralizes negative energy and boosts positivity.” I’m positive that this is the most fun I’ve had with a mask, ever!

2017-01-26-15-31-55I purchased a smaller size version of this mask, available only at Ulta, bringing the price down from $75.00 for 3 ounces to $24.00 for .6 ounces. Clearly, the regular size is the better deal, and can be purchased at Sephora or directly through Dr. Brandt’s website. I chose the smaller size as I find it hard to spend $75.00 on something I just want to try. Now, having given it a go, I will strongly consider buying the full size once I run through the one I have. It takes a very small layer of product to get the job done, allowing you to stretch your money’s worth quite far. The suggested use is twice weekly over the entire face.

I’ve read through reviews of people who did not like this product, and many complained of the residue left behind. They’re right. It does. It’s meant to be massaged into the skin so that your skin absorbs more benefits even after you are finished with the mask. I have oily skin, so this is not something I use in the morning, but when I want to give my skin a hydrating treat after a long day at the gym or de-stress from the world I’ll reach for this. My complaint is that the smaller size is not a full ounce. I think for a third of the price of the regular size I should receive a third of the product, but I don’t regret purchasing the smaller size as there is still enough product for several uses. Plus, if it went south for me, like many other reviewers claim it did for them, I would have only been out $24.00 instead of $75.00, so it’s not entirely worth complaining about.

Overall, I didn’t see drastic changes from using this mask. I haven’t been consistent enough with it to see the effects take charge. But it was hella fun, and my skin is still benefiting from my using it even if it is not directly visible to me.