Today’s product review is brought to you by NikkieTutorials, for she spends my money faster than the government. A couple weeks ago Nikkie Snapped herself and her friend kkimthai shopping in Sephora, obsessing over the new Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow. While the name is long enough to be a song title for The 1975, the spectacular luminescence caught by the light refracting against this glitter shadow is sheer insanity.

This is not the first time that I have immediately gone to Ulta’s website post Nikkie’s Snap story, and I’m sure hoping it won’t be the last either because she has never led me astray! I purchased Transcend, the Glitterati Lip Top Coat and the MMG&GLE (even the acronym is hella long!) in Rose Gold Retro. The order arrived a couple days later and I was blinding myself with the swatches on the back of my hand. And then Nikkie happened.

I was so happy playing with Rose Gold Retro. I knew I eventually would buy more of these liquid eyeshadows because it performed so well. It locked into place with zero fall out. The wear time wasn’t an issue, and it didn’t heavily transfer into my crease as other products have done. There is no odor, and it wears comfortably. So when Nikkie uploaded her Fifty Shades Darker tutorial I had no other choice than to purchase Smoky Storm. I went up to the mall, praying that Sephora had it in stock, and when they didn’t I scoured Nordstrom and Dillards. I was avoiding Ulta as I had just been in the previous day. I walked out empty handed for once. Now I know why! I was waiting to be inspired into purchasing the right stuff!

photo-feb-11-1-42-00-pmWhile the glitter shadow is opaque, it is transformable with the use of a darker base. In this swatch I show it alone and with Nyx jumbo pencil in Black Bean as a base. The product does not dry down immediately so you have some time to smudge the glitter evenly over the base or your prepped eyelid. What I like most about Rose Gold Retro is how much brightness and awakeness is brought to my face. Smoky Storm has an entirely different vibe as it feeds into the grungy side of my personality.

While they differ in attitude and look they perform exactly the same. The formula is consistent between colors in all aspects- opacity, texture, wearability, wear time. You can purchase these for $24.00 a piece at UltaSephora, or Stila Cosmetics for the whole 10 shade range. Like I said in my last review, with makeup, all that glitters IS gold. Cue SmashMouth.