Bold lip colors are in abundance these days. With browns becoming the new neutrals it was only a matter of time until its cool counterpart, grey, stepped up to the plate. Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick is something I’ve written about before, and it wasn’t a shock to get another shade that performs just the same as Out Loud.

One swip2017-02-11-20-39-32e across the lips will give an opaque wash of grey/lavender/tan which can’t be better described.  Chill Zone is undoubtedly the most unconventional lip color  Each trip to Ulta or Sephora I would walk up and grab it, but I could never just take the plunge and purchase it. Seeing NikkieTutorials wear it gave me great confidence. She is fair and incredibly beautiful, and if she could make it look amazing then it was at least worth the effort on my part. Just like in my last post, this was purchased to obtain her Fifty Shades Darker inspired look. Fifty Shades of SLAY is more like it! I may not have her level of talent, but her tutorials give me the courage to try. She’s responsible for so many of my favorite looks. And now that this is becoming more of a fan girl post than a review, let me move on!

The biggest con of this particular shade is the smell. All of the Always On lippies I own have a distinct smell. It’s usually pretty weak and dissipates shortly after application, but Chill Zone lingers. It’s not the cupcake sweetness of Anastasia Beverly Hills or the peachy keenness of Too Faced, but rather a hint of wet cement? Chill Zone takes between 2-2.5 minutes to completely mattifying, and I’ve noticed the smell to last equally as long. But, once the lip is set and the smell is gone, you are ready to rock it!

This precision point applicator is still my most favorite of liquid lipstick applicators. Not only can I follow the natural curve of my lip, but I can also overdraw where I find the need to even out each side. With their proprietary blend of jojoba, apricot, and sunflower oils your lips will never feel dried out even with extended wear time. This is virtually smudge and budge proof. The longer wait time for complete dry down makes mistakes easy to fix and keep perfection locked and loaded. This won’t wander off while you eat and drink, for the most part. Some product will break down, but reapplication does not look too thick or cause pilling.

With color-blocked lips becoming the newest trend, this would be such a fun addition to your collection! Paired with coral, aqua, lavender, and countless others you are sure to stun all you encounter. Available for purchase at SephoraUlta, and, of course, Smashbox, for $24.00. Go on! Get your shock on!