The first movie I ever saw in theatres was The Little Mermaid. I was hooked on Ariel’s ability to swim through the ocean and never have to come up for air. And she could talk with Flounder and Sebastian. And sing. And she had a really cool collection of random artifacts!

The Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever eyeshadow palette is filled with 32 “ultra professional” shades that reflect the various hues found under the sea. Corals, teals, shimmers and mattes, you’re bound to find a look fit for a concert led by a hot crustacean band.

Several of the shades in this palette are stunning, pigmented and poppin! My favorites represent the colors that remind of my Disney princess idol. Flash or no flash, these shades are high impact shining!


The lightest shades in the palette are the hardest underachievers. They’re all shimmers, but look more like shadow toppers instead of an all over shade. A light inner corner highlight or a brow bone accentuator are the best ways to employ these shades.

The quad swirled together makes a gorgeous, subtle cheek highlight, which is what I enjoy about this palette. It is so easy to play with and manipulate into a variety of different looks.


The icy pink/peach highlight shade (shown far left; second shade on the top row in the palette) is one of the most vibrant and creamy shades of the palette. It can be used anyway you want it, and it will totally impress. The two peachy shades are excellent for transitions. One is totally matte, and the other is slightly shimmery. The fiery shade is so perfect and looks lovely on its own or layered for a dimensional pop. This is the most evenly formulated row in the palette.


The pinks are pretty evenly formulated and really  give a good wash of pigment. The darkest shade made my favorites list.There are so many tonal shifts between pink and magenta and a little bit of orange.And maybe some raspberry too!

The second shade pictured makes a lovely all-over-the-lid shade for a subtle sparkle and glow. I used it in my Girl’s Night Out look!

photo-mar-02-1-16-04-pmThe row of purples is ok. They’re very pretty shades, but they don’t sh
ow up very well. You can layer them up, but just know they take a while to get ’em where you want ’em.

I love how vibrant these blue shadows are! These show up exactly as shown in the pan and pack nicely on tphoto-mar-02-1-17-58-pmhe lid. Like the rest of the palette they’re pretty powdery, so expect some fallout when applying. For me, it always lands underneath the outer corner on top of my cheek bone. Thankfully, it’s easy to kick off with a fluffy brush.


Have I claimed a favorite row? Because this might be it! I don’t love them combined, but the teals and olives are… insert heavenly noise!

Olive green may be my favorite neutral. Green is my favorite color, so this neutral version of a color is a bonus beyond the basics.

The teals are the most mermaidy colors of the palette, and they also compliment my eyes so well!



The brown shades are divine. Even though they’re all shimmers, they blend so well and are combinable to make new shades.






The classic smoky eye is perfectly attainable with the last row of the palette. Shimmers, mattes, mix and match, you’ve got it all here. While the colors may not evoke mermaid vibes I’m so glad that these were included. I’m still stunned when a palette doesn’t include a black. It’s so essential!



Overall, I love this palette! It’s affordable, retailing for $15.00 at Ulta (it’s also eligible for the $3.50 off with coupon), highly pigmented and evenly formulated throughout most of the shades. There are a few that underperform, but that’s beyond my understanding. I don’t know what it takes or costs to formulate shadows, but I know how they make me feel when I use them! This palette makes my childhood come to life as I create looks inspired by someone who traded herself for her dream. And while the original story may be more brutal than Disney’s portrayal, all I think of is how comparable my dream is to Ariel’s. She wants to be where the people are- I just want to be where the makeup is.