I love IT Cosmetics and the mission behind their brand. “Confidence in a Compact” is such a wonderful concept. While self confidence shouldn’t come only when wearing makeup it certainly ups how we feel about ourselves. With Innovative Technology and the expertise of plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics aims to enhance your skin through makeup, therefore leaving the confidence with you long after the product has been washed away.

It is because of my respect for this company that I am so afraid to give Confidence in a Compact a negative review. However, I truly disliked this product, and I won’t write a false report of my experience with it. No product can work for 100% of the market, so this review is based on my experience only.

My first 2017-02-16 17.58.54time applying this foundation went oh-so-very well. I felt like my pores were filled in so well, the texture from any bumps was blurred, and the color was perfect for me. I powdered my face to lock in place, set it with my favorite spray and went about my day.

Within an hour my face felt heavy and I noticed the product beginning to break down. I equated it to my rushed house cleaning causing some perspiration. Then I checked the box. Directions state reapplication time is every two hours. I still gave it another shot, hoping for a longer lasting application. Two hours was not an acceptable wear time.

Both times I applied this foundation I used the Heavenly Skin- Skin Smoothing Complexion Brush. This is said to have miracle properties- aka anti-aging elements- that improve the look of your skin with each application. I found it hard to pick up product with use of this brush. And even though little product is needed from Confidence in a Compact, I still had to swirl the brush several times to get the it loaded.

The foundation goes on extremely wet, I assume due to the sunscreen and anti-aging serum. It takes a while to sink into the skin, and I never really felt it settle completely. I used different primers each time, and the second time, it couldn’t have gone worse.

Here is a photo two hours after application. This application I didn’t powder or add concealer. I just wanted to see what it would be like for a natural, minimal makeup day. It completely broke apart around my T-Zone. It’s hard to tell, but it is creased under my eye and on the lid. This I’m not so upset about as that happens with most foundations I try if/when I don’t set with powder.

I couldn’t wait to wash my face both times I wore this, which is a clear enough answer for me. This is not the foundation for me. The packaging states that it is meant for all skin types, but I feel if you have oily skin you are going to run into the same issues. In the end I returned both the brush and the foundation. They’re reasonably priced at $38 for the compact and $48 for the brush, but that’s entirely too much money to keep when you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

I can’t stress enough how much I love IT Cosmetics, and this negative review does not change that opinion. However, it occasionally happens that products don’t work the way we want. How apologetic can I be?? I hope this helps you decide whether or not to try this product. If you do, I hope only the best for your results with IT!