FaceTune is probably my favorite app on my phone. When you want to look flawless their tools let you perfect the areas of your choice to the level of your choice. But what do I use when I want to look flawless in real life? Enter the Pore Vanishing Stick from Estee Edit.

Whether you are lookingPhoto Mar 14, 6 59 45 PM to control oiliness, minimize pores, or both! this is a fantastic tool to be used by all skin types. The brand claims that this also evens out skin tone, but I don’t notice that effect. The outer ring contains the oil control minerals while the inner circle has the tone perfector in it. As I’ve learned from my favorite gurus, pore minimizers should be pressed into the skin rather than swiped. I glide the stick across my problem areas then press the product into the pores to further fill them. What’s great is that I don’t experience negative side effects, like breakouts. I can use this daily and trust that my skin won’t suffer for it.

Writing this review took forever because I couldn’t decide if it was the primer or a good skin day causing my makeup to look fantastic and last all day. But enough research proves a product’s worth. I’ve tried this several different times, and this primer has definitely given me the best foundation for my foundation.

I appreciate the packaging so much. Not only is it travel friendly, but application is also a breeze. I love the signature blue splash that is consistent throughout their product line, and the shining silver casing is sleek and young. The stick itself glides up gently and retracts with a twisting motion. Can’t get any easier!Photo Mar 14, 6 58 37 PM

Retailing at $28.00 for .24 ounces of product, you can purchase this at Sephora or on Estee Lauder’s website. Compared to other brands within Sephora this is a decent price point. Since this glides on smoothly you don’t need a whole lot of product. It will last a long time! And it’s also a cruelty free line, for those so inclined.