I went into Ulta to try out a Tarte gel foundation and walked out with a BareMinerals powder foundation. “Why?” you ask. Well, the beauty consultant told me the Tarte foundation would be a terrible match for me and led me over to the BareMinerals section instead. I was annoyed. I wasn’t interested. And yet, she sold me! I’ve never tried that Tarte foundation, but I have found a powder formula that has treated me well for over a year, so much so that I repurchased and decided to share my experience with using it.

Photo Mar 14, 6 08 42 PMI’ve always been partial to liquid foundation, but in the summertime I like to go a little lighter with my makeup routine. I’m already going to sweat it all off so I might as well find something that will be easy to reapply as needed? This formula has incredible coverage, especially for a powder. It’s not drying or patchy, and it looks flawless when set with a fine misting spray. The real trick is using the right primer to smooth everything out. My current favorite is the Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick and the Urban Decay DeSlick primer. If you have large pores, like me, it is essential to fill them in. Otherwise the powder will sink into them, but not provide a smooth finish to the skin.ย On days when I want the ULTIMATE full cover experience I will add this powder overtop my liquid foundation and have complete faith that I am locked and loaded for a budgeproof, all-day-glam.

The packaging is intriguing. With a sifter in the center the powder is not flying freely, but
rather it is contained while remaining Photo Mar 14, 6 10 15 PM (1)accessible. The IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blurring foundation Brush, exclusive to Ulta, is by far the best brush to apply an evenly packed layer. Press, swipe or swirl, this brush will get the job done for you quick, fast and in a hurry! The best part of this powder and brush combo is how easily they work to build up your look. One layer gives a light coverage, but you can easily add a second layer to provide a flawless base for your additional products. Bronzer, blush, highlighter all layer nicely overtop, and I haven’t noticed a cakey appearance with an abundance of these powder products. There is a light odor to the powder. It’s not terribly offensive, but if you are sensitive to smells, be forewarned.ย I cannot speak to its acne fighting ability as I haven’t noticed a change in my skin, nor do I suffer from much acne, however, I have not noticed any negative side effects to my skin either.

Photo Mar 16, 4 38 57 PMRetailing at Ulta for $28 and weighing in at .21 ounces, I find this to be extremely reasonably marketed. The coverage is there, the quality meets company standards, the wear time is decent, and reapplication is not a problem. It plays well with others, making many makeup looks achievable, and while you may not see a difference in any acne you may be experiencing, you won’t regret having a product that is not negatively affecting your skin care issues. Run out and pick up this winner today!!