For years I stuck to one primer, if wearing any, and assumed it worked for me. I didn’t notice any difference wearing it versus not wearing it so I assumed primers weren’t necessary to quality makeup application. Nowadays I look at the properties included in a primer to see what skin fantasy I can accomplish by using it. Pore Minimizers, Shine Reducers, Skin Blurring and Smoothing, Hydrating, Radiant, so many to choose from! My needs are mainly pore refining and oil reduction. I haven’t found one that accomplishes both needs to my desired level, but I have found a combo that works phenomenally! And they’re from Urban Decay- duh!

In addition to their vitamin B6 infused prep spray, I have purchased three primers from Urban Decay’s winter line: De-Slick, Self-Adjusting, and Optical Illusion. Regardless of the primer I use I will always start by misting the B6 prep spray post moisturizer. With claims to reduce oil and shine, even skin tone, and provide nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, it’s a clear good-for-you winner. The smell is light and sweet, and the mister is as fine as their legendary setting sprays. I mainly use this as a prep spray, but it can be used as a refresher over makeup throughout the day. Urban Decay also recommends it to be use as part of your night time routine for an added boost of vitamins. They’re rightfully proud of this concoction, produced alongside Skindinavia, as it is the FIRST formula to contain stabilized vitamin B6! #scienceystuff

When UD launched FOUR brand new primers I was overwhelmed with the choices. So I did the most natural thing and bought three of them! I skipped out on Urban Defense because I’m already very happy using my Tarteguard sunscreen. I’m confident Urban Defense works wonders, but I just didn’t need it. Hell, I didn’t need ANY of it, but at $34 a piece, I had already done enough damage– PS, a quick thank you for the gift card that somewhat minimized the blow πŸ˜‰ you know who you are, you angel, you.

My most used combination is a layer of Optical Illusion followed by a layer of De-Slick. Optical Illusion perfectly blurs the look of pores and fine lines, giving me a good skin day, every single day. De-Slick is mattifying, and it means business! I like using these two together to create the perfect cocktail for my skin needs. Self-Adjusting is great to even out the skin tone. On days where I’m not going full coverage this comes in handy. It claims to give the same soft focus effect as Optical Illusion, but it’s not nearly as strong in my opinion. I’ll layer on De-Slick with Self-Adjusting as well to make sure I’m maximally mattified.

De-Slick is by far my favorite primer from this collection! Along with the B6 Prep Spray, I use this in combination with any other primer I might use, like the Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick, or one of Smashbox’s many choices. Be sure to moisturize before adding this to the skin as blending on drier skin will cause it to pill away. I don’t notice any kind of white cast when applying, and it instantly mattifies my skin. A++ on this one, Urban Decay!

Optical Illusion has a nice glide to it, and it will dry down completely into the skin. I’ll apply in circular motions then pat and press into my pores to make sure they are blurred away. This will leave an illuminated cast on the skin, so it’s not necessarily optimal to wear without makeup like some other primers afford the ability to do. It’s not terribly noticeable on me, but that could be my ghostly pale skin hiding the full force of the glow.

Self-Adjusting is filled with “micro-encapsulated beads” of pigment that help adjust to your perfect skin tone match. You can overblend this formula! It’s best to work slowly and only blend until you feel a match has been achieved. The pigment continues to release the more you blend! This primer is an excellent example of one that can be worn with or without makeup and look splendid either way. Those who participated in the focus group gave it 100% ratings across the board for all of Self-Adjusting’s claims.

Primers are expensive and additional steps to take when applying makeup. But they change your makeup game infinitely for the better. It’s worth the extra time, money, and effort to find the perfect skin cocktail based on your needs, concerns, and desires. I’m amazed at how many I have tried in the past year. I need to commit to using what I have before purchasing more, but I love to try the New Makeup on the Block! Hopefully my obsession for buying stuff is entertaining and informative for you all!