To date there is not a single collaboration involving NikkieTutorials that I have not purchased so I knew from the moment Ofra announced their collab with her that I would purchase it. It just seemed to be fate when the release date was indeed my 30th birthday. It would not be my first experience with the superb liquid lipsticks from Ofra, but it would be the first encounter with one of their multicolored highlighting wheels. And while the color selection gave me cause to hesitate, the extra sun from my recent Hawaiian adventure gave me the confidence boost to branch out to the new, deeper shades included in the collection.

The packaging is just gorgeous and fancier than any other order I have received from them. I love the bio printed on the back and the trim adorned with the signature gold glitter Nikkie has made her own. The color selection of the liquid lipsticks represents the different personalities of Nikkie: the perfect nude, the bright bold, and the vampy metallic brown, while the highlighter wheel is versatile for many skin types, yet combinable to achieve a universal summer glow.


Nude Potion: A light pink perfect nude with enough warmth to liven up the complexion while remaining work appropriate. This shade just screams Nikkie, as we’ve all seen her tutorials that feature a warm pink nude liquid lip with a complimentary gloss over top. The girl knows her nudes, and she concocted a stellar shade for this collection.

Spell: A neon coral with a pearlescence to it that screams summer vacation. How I wish I had this lipstick before leaving for Hawaii! This is definitely my current favorite lipstick out of the hundred choices in my collection. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and pictures do not do it justice. Still a great day time select, this will surely increase your influence whether going to the office or out for drinks.

Coven: A metallic brown with hints of a burgundy perfect for nights out or when you’re longing for fall leaves and cooler temperatures. I’ve never owned a brown lipstick before. There is something about the warmth of Coven that makes me feel at home and comfortable. And it makes my teeth look extra white! Ofra’s metallic liquid lipsticks are some of my favorites to wear (see my review of their limited edition released last summer), and I don’t think this will be an exception.


Everglow: How do I explain this? Three buttery, creamy, intense powder highlighting shades that will enhance every woman’s skin tone. Whether using the lightest shade for the fairest of them all, the  warm champagne for the sunkissed goddesses, or the  vibrant copper for the richest beauties , Nikkie has considered an option for all. And when combined, the elements align in such a way that a burning glow from within is released like a supernova gliding across the high points of the face, blinding those trying to get in your way.

It was no surprise to me that I would love the formula of the liquid lipsticks. They ring true to the others I’ve tried, applying evenly and drying completely matte without irritating the lips. The soft, cupcake scent is pleasant without being overpowering. What truly stood out to me in this collection is the quality of Everglow. My first experience with an Ofra highlighter has truly been the highlight of this purchase. It is unbelievably buttery and smooth. While I’ll mainly be using the shades for shadows, I look forward to the combinations of intense glow I can create on my eyes. In comparison the Becca shadows, which are more velvety in texture than creamy, Everglow would win the glow contest against Moonstone or Champagne Pop. While the colors could have easily been manipulated to be part of this wheel, the sheen is incomparable. Becca’s highlighters are softer in glow while Everglow can blind the gods!

I’ll be trying a new look with each lipstick throughout this week. Be sure to check out my instagram to see the looks I come up with (link in the sidebar)! While I heavily favor Spell, I can’t wait to see what looks will compliment Coven and Nude Potion. I know I’ll love it!