Here we are. Day two of 2018. While I sit here sipping my last cup of Peppermint Mocha coffee in the gentle glow of my Christmas tree trying to mentally prepare to greet all the newly committed (and recommitted) gym members in a couple hours, my mind is instead laser focused on writing about the perfect long-wearing nude lipstick. Yep, I’m instructing TRX in two hours, but right now I’m writing to you about Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lip cheat and matte lipstick.

For starters- is there any better name for a nude lip color than Pillow Talk? It’s sexy and a bit vulnerable and also work appropriate? What? This isn’t a new product, but I like to see things up close and personal before spending the cash. God knows I’m keeping Amazon and other online sites up and running, but I like the magic of going to stores and browsing. Makeup is so personal, and I want to have confidence that I’ll love what I purchase. But my Nordstrom doesn’t carry much of the line, and I never think about going into Neiman Marcus because I don’t shop where I can’t afford. So, online shop I did. I’ve heard Leigh Ann (leighannsays) rave about the Pillow Talk lip liner, Lip Cheat as Ms Tilbury dubs them, numerous times, and as I find Leigh Ann to have generally excellent recommendations I decided to go for it. I also wanted the lipstick and a gloss, but the latter does not yet exist for Pillow Talk. There are several lip sets that tantalized me, but at $72 I didn’t want to settle for a color combo that, while I’m sure is brilliant, wasn’t all Pillow Talk. If you’ve been reading for a while you understand why. I’m in it for the name, folks! Once I gave up on the nonexistent trifecta I found the dynamic duo. Individually priced at $22 and $34 , I was able to save $4 by buying the bundle for $52. Can two items qualify as a bundle? Let’s just assume they do!

Pillow Talk Lip Cheat- $22.00


  • Seamlessly resize and reshape lips ✔️
  • Lasts 6 hours ✔️
  • Waterproof formula prevents feathering✔️ and transfer 〰

The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat applies very fluidly and has a matte texture finish. It’s easy to remove and/or edit while applying. Aptly named “Cheat,” it is extremely easy to color outside your natural lip line to adjust the fullness to your desire. The main job of a lip liner is to create a barrier for the lipstick to prevent bleeding, feathering, or shortened wear time. I have lip liners from other brands that do an equally good job at a slightly lower price point. However, the wear time and sustainability of the Lip Cheat often surpasses. Charlotte began as a high end makeup artist. She knows what formulas make the cut, and she very much made sure her own was up to standard.

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick- $34.00


  • Contains Lipstick Tree and orchid extracts for hydrated, youthful lips〰
  • Makes lips appear wider and fuller〰
  • The revolutionary square tip grants flawless application without use of a brush ✔️✔️✔️

First off, what is a Lipstick tree??? It’s actually called Achiote. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, the bush originated in the Americas, and Natives often used the seeds to make body paint, Lipstick, and spices. It’s become common enough to use in mass produced lipsticks, therefore it is commonly referred to as the lipstick tree.

This is by far the most I have ever spent on a lipstick. The next closest was the lipgloss Chelsea Girls from NARS for $26.00. My lips are completely comfortable, and the Matte Revolution formula is hydrating. This is a matte finish lipstick, but it is not a liquid lip that dries down and stays in place all day. It doesn’t claim to last a certain length of time, and while I see the remnants left on my coffee mug or napkin, it doesn’t run away. It simply fades with each sip or pat. What makes this lipstick worth it is the pigment in delivers through that angled square tip. While most lipstick bullets come to a point, the Matte Revolution line comes with a straight lined, squared tip making it extremely easy to precisely fill in my lips. The packaging is just gorgeous. The rose gold shiny finish makes me feel like I purchased from a luxury brand. There is definitely weight behind it, and it feels sturdy enough for travel.

It is nice to treat yourself to items of quality. Charlotte’s mission is to make women feel empowered and confident to light up a room when they walk in, and I definitely feel special when I wear this lip duo. I will absolutely repurchase the Lip Cheat once the time comes, and I may repurchase the lipstick too. At $22 I’m willing to consider adding other Lip Cheats to my collection. At $34, I’m not blown away enough to add more Matte Revolution Lipsticks just yet. It wears nicely, and I have no notable complaints, but the price is enough to make me wonder if it is worth the investment. After all, they expire in 18 months. Even wearing it daily I don’t know if I could make it through the entire bullet. I’ve never completely used up a lipstick before. Challenge accepted? Challenge accepted!