Making art with Makeup

Blogging Schedule

Have you ever noticed how scheduling forces you to keep your commitments? In a world where a handshake no longer solidifies the deal, we have to put things in writing in order to bind ourselves to our word. In the spirit of sticking to my word, I’m posting a schedule, subject to change at my disposal, to keep my on track of posting new content.

Sundays: A magical day when I can bequeath a new makeup experience with you all. I will have new posts up under the categories of What’s In a Name, YouTube Made Me Buy It, or YouTube Collabs, every Sunday by 2pm EST.

Thursdays: Adding to my repertoire I’ll be posting a look created with one of the products I’ve reviewed. This may include a pictorial, a link to the inspiration for the look and any tips and tricks I found to making it my own version of perfect.

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